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show and tell

[click for bigger image]

My husband is an artist. A very good one, at that. We're working as a team these days. He's illustrating a story I'm writing which we will some day publish as a graphic novel. Hey, we can dream, can't we?

So, it occurred to me that in 2 1/2 years of blogging, I have never once showed off my husband's many artistic skills. He draws in several mediums, and in several styles.

This one particular drawing is of the girl who is the star of my story. Her name is (as of the latest writing, it's subject to change) Lissa. I'm not going to give away any of the story here, as I will post it in its entirety one day, but suffice it say that Lissa is a special person, and not special in that Laurence sort of way.


I am not special. I take a big bus like all the other not-special kids!

That's beautiful. You should show off his work more often.

It is lovely.

Is it me, or does she seem to have especially bright, inquisitive eyes?


Surprisingly good. We are all ordinary people, yet such gems. Thank you !

Wow. Beautiful. Love his use of light in particular.

Way cool.

That's gorgeous!

Very impressive.

And, she's obviously named after me!

WoW that is very good. She looks innocent and somehow a little sad, her eyes look questioning to me. Thanks for sharing, however I am curious what she would be like when brought to life in pen...

Excellent, very professional. Two thumbs up!
I would very much like to see more.

Great expression, use of light and color (love the red). I would definitely like to see more..

That is incredible! Does he want to do illustration with me on Four Color Hell? I could never freehand like that!

Wow. That is just beautiful. I love the colors. What did he do that with? Watercolor? Ink? How long has he been at it?

My niece goes by "Lissa". Good name choice. ;)

Yes, what Alan said....amazing use of light.

Is he interested in selling off any of his work like that? The style is great, I haven't seen anything like that before.

I agree with all the earlier comments about the use of light and the reds in particular. It's a fascinating drawing..the kind that would go beautifully in a book. Love it completely.

Quite a compelling style, I like it a lot.

Does he have an online showcase of his art? I find the colors and shading particularly fascinating.

I am completely drawn to and intrigued by this artwork. Your husband is a VERY talented artist. This is one story I'd look forward to reading or buying.