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saturday morning quote

Mr. Teapot says:

The word "human" is derived from the Venusian slang term "hgummin," which means stupid, petty, short-sighted, and tentacle-deficient.


My brain is still so sleep fogged, I saw that as testicle-deficient upon my first read.

Yeah, ASV is definitely a must read twice. If you only read before coffee, you end up confused. If you only read after coffee, you'll never experience near misses like that.

thanks for the morning
pick me up
as i have always believed
that humans were severely
tentacle deprived

honey i need 8 arms
to handle half of what i have to do in a day
but then id need 8 brains to go with it

Stupid humans. We hateses them, we does. (My tentacle...er, cable is fixed!!)

I also means "tastes just like chicken."

Half the words in the Venusian language mean that, Hondo.

That's why you don't see many successful Venusian restaurants.