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corrupting young minds, one at a time

davidgb.jpgIt's David night. We're babysitting for my nephew while my sister and her husband are at a wedding. My sister (Jo-Anne) was a very selfish sister today and gave David a nap at 5pm. Which means he won't be going to sleep until about midnight. In my world, that leaves me free reign to do whatever I want with David without paying any attention to my brother-in-law Lew's ten page list of Rules For Watching David. Lew is, how do you say it? Anal. Yes, that's the word.

On tap for tonight are a few movies. We'll start with Ghostbusters, move on to Army of Darkness and work our way up to a few Girls Gone Wild videos. Then we'll teach him the words to a few Slayer songs, feed him six packages of Sponge Bob gummis for dinner and put beer in his bottle.

We've just taught him how to say "Nice rack, babe!"

[Relax, Lew. I'm sure by the time you get home and read this, David will be sound asleep and none the worse for wear. Just don't give me grief tomorrow when he says "Lighten up, Lew! We didn't mean to teach him that, it was an accident. Hey, remember when Jo taught DJ how to say "Mommy's a bitch?" Yea.]


Do you think you could teach him to sing, "I Wanna Be Sedated"?


Run out and get a plug of Brown's Mule chaw terbaccer. Nothin' pisses off the anal like a five year old chawin' an' spittin'.

Darling nephew!

Oh, and I hope you're joking about the "list of requirements". Talk about the mother of all things "looking the gift babysitter in the mouth".

Michelle -

Youngest Guy was 5 when my brother started going out with the woman he's marrying today (I'm blogsurfing while Tenacious G works upstairs at attaining sartorial perfection). We met at a local mexican place, and I brought LG.

As we were leaving, his zahftig aunt-to-be leaned over and gave him a kiss, whereupon he looked up at her and, in a matter of fact tone, said:

"You know, you have really immense breasts."

She told that story again at dinner last night...

...two years later, and I'm still in trouble.


ROFLMAO! Don't do that! The laughing and tears scare the cat!

:::wiping eyes:::

I have twin grandsons (10 mos old) and have these "evil" grandma urges to teach 'em all sorts of things to make their mom's hair turn gray...

Just like she did to me with her mouth and antics.....

hee hee, the grandma curse turned out...she's not only getting A kid like her, she got two..and boys!!

Well, first let me say that DJ already knew you were, I mine are, a bitch. Second, Girls Gone Wild is his favorite movie (he has it in VCR and DVD) and, my babysitting list is only four pages long, thank you. Now tell the nice people how you had to call us at 12:15am because David was still awake and you were sleepy, and we had to bring him home!!!!!

He's adorable!