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thanks, ashcroft!

Ashcroft is pushing his new idea: The Victory Act. Said the Ashman:

This project has become my personal mission. It is something near and dear to my heart and I will pursue it's passage with the fierce determination that it deserves.

The goal of The Victory Act is to make sure that every single weblogger in the entire Blogosphere is both reading and linking to A Small Victory. It is your duty as a true American and/or Friend of America to undertake this calling.

If passed, The Victory Act would allow feds to:

  • Clamp down on trolls, where comments exchanged disparage the author or readers of A Small Victory,

  • Get internet records from bloggers and blog readers without a court order in probes to determine who has not yet put A Small Victory on their blogroll or in their favorites folder,

  • Track delinkers and serve them with a roving death warrant,

  • Impose sentences for troll kingpins and non-linkers/readers to 40 years in prison and $4 million in fines and six months of hard labor looking at nothig but websites with animated gifs and Metallica midis.

Ashcroft will starting pushing the Victory Act later this month in a 10-day, 20-state Victory tour that includes a stop in New York, where he will guest blog at A Small Victory.

Don't delay. Act now, before the Victory Act Squad comes for you.


Why look, it's supposed to be presented by Senator Hatch! Yes, we all know how much Orin Hatch supports the American people...


Without this Act, the Trollorists will win.

Ok, I have a fairly basic question, and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a flame war.

Do most people on the political right support Ashcroft? I'm fully aware of how the political left feels about him because they speak their views pretty loudly on the topic, but I haven't really seen much from the other end of the table either supporting him or decrying him.

Coming from near the middle of the political spectrum, it's hard for me to judge responses.

I will say that I've yet to hear a lucid argument in favor of Ashcroft's power grabs, but then again, the political landscape in the last four years or so has made my head hurt to the point that I haven't been paying as close attention as I might otherwise have been.

My impression is that big swaths of the right that have looked at what he does don't like him, but there are also people who support him as a kneejerk reaction to the over-the-top accusations against Ashcroft in particular as well as most Bush administration figures in general.

There are also people, I think, who do support him, but I don't know if that's for him being him, or because he's part of the team.

Personally, if he was actually as pro-2nd admendment as he claims he is, I'd dislike him. As it is, I think he needs to go. Now, and not later. And while I'm liberetarian on most subjects, I'm more "right" than "left".

Not to completely blow smoke up your skirt, but you are one of perhaps only three bloggers who is popular for GOOD REASON!

Who WOULDN'T link you, besides stupid assclowns?