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Gore Unplugged

I'm sure you've heard about today's speech by Al Gore. No need to watch it again or read the six page tirade against the Bush administration because The Al Gore Players have summarized and re-enacted the speech so it's down to a tolerable one minute. All the bluster and none of the boring monotone!



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Yep.. That about sums it up. That speech was just infuriating to read.

I actually heard some of it... it wasn't so much a speech as a list of memes all strung together. It was almost like watching a transmission from an alternate Universe.

At least he seemed 'animated'. Pathetic and wrong, but, animated.

Yeah, that made sense ... (How?).

Gore blew it again. He'll never be president. He should just enjoy his VP pension and hang out and drink gin and tonics (gins and tonic?) with Tipper, get a suntan, you know, just enjoy himself. He seems kind of grouchy.

And BTW, who the hell would want to be president now?

Good to see Gore helping people keep in mind the lies and misdirections of the Bush administration.

Al Gore is a true statesman.

The Draft Al Gore for 2004 is underway.

God bless America.