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google gone glitchy: is it me?

I'm having Google problems today. Every time I do a search, I end up at what seems to be a Google page with ads for online casinos.

This is the URL I get.

Anyone else having trouble? I'm starting to show Google Withdrawal symptoms.


I've been using google all morning and haven't had any problems. Sorry I can't be of help.

Your beautiful aura is so dazzling that the Google search site is in awe and can't function.

Or someone put gum in your internet connection.

Sounds like some spyware/redirecting software got on your system. Try SpyBot. I had a similar problem and it cleaned it right up - and it's free. http://www.safer-networking.org/

AdAware is also very handy.

Google's working just fine for me, too. And I second AdAware.

No problems with Google for me, either. And their new toolbar is the shiznits for blocking unwanted popups! Now I can finally surf pron sites without getting a bazillion popups cluttering up my view of sexy, naked llamas!

It's like heaven...

Ad-aware ownn. As for popups, I don't have that issue since I'm using Mozilla. But I to agree....the first thing I thought it was that you have some spyware/adware installed there.

BTW, I have both Adaware and Spybot. They compliment each other very well and when one fails to find something, the other aways seems to catch it.

Now, back to my nekkid llamas...

http://www.alltheweb.com/ is the one I generally use anyway

I clicked the casino page link and it ain't there n'more. Interesting.

It could be a DNS server issue. We've seen that sort of problem in the past - someone intentionally corrupts a DNS server upstream from us, and we start getting that sort of error page with a link to some odd site when attempting to browse to certain common sites like Google.

AdAware is a good product - it's a good idea to run a scan from time to time just to see what actually is on your machine.

I don't know about casino ads, but it seems like on a regular basis lately, when I need to use Google, I get a 404.

something tells me that when they bought Blogger, they agreed to use the Blogspot servers to run Google. bleah.

I'm assuming you're running Windows of some sort.

1. Get and run SpyBot Search and Destroy

2. If you're still having the problem, Start->Run ('notepad')

For WinNT, Win2000, WinXP: open the file C:\WINNT\System32\drivers\etc\lmhosts (you'll need to set the open window to look for 'all files' and note that it's NOT 'lmhosts.sam', just 'lmhosts'.

For Win95, Win98, WinME, same thing except the file is C:\Windows\lmhosts

Somewhere in that file there'll be a line that looks like this: '    www.google.com', if not, check for a file 'hosts' in the same directory that may also have that line.

Remove that line and save the file.

If at that point it's still broken, or it's still broken and there's no entry in lmhosts or hosts, you should probably contact your local IT professional. (almost sounded like a real PSA for a second, didn't it?)

I am getting the same thing!

yes l had same problem, l picked up an imposter
Google bug, l could not connect upto
normal Google at all, and it was driving me mad.
You need to find Hosts file,via in my computer, (or from file search), open windows file, then open file,and notepad and delete all
imposter google files, in one big swoop, when they go blue just press delete, it worked for me.

l should say the easiest method above, requires you to to use search facility,(from start) for files and folders,type in hosts, click on all files, then
3 or 4 hosts files appear, look through them and delete the illegal Google files and anything else that shouldnt be there.

The hosts file. I was puzzled by this all day at work. Not only wouldn't Google load, but neither would Lycos or AskJeeves. I tried all the spyware removing stuff, blew out everything hijack showed me and fiddled with every nook and cranny of XPís networking components. I even started fiddling with the routers settings, geez. Iíll bet my last dollar my problem is the hosts file. Iíll probably go into work tomorrow (Saturday) just to see. Iíll let you know what I find.

Anyone know what is causing this? Whats that about the Google bug I just read about in this thread? Is the also a Lycos bug and an Ask Jeeves bug?

Hi , I had the same problem. I have a Win 2K system. I renamed lmhosts.sam to hosts ( it did not have any google entries ). Then there was a file called hosts in the directory c:\WINNT\Help which had all false IP Addresses to the google sites. I cleaned the file :-).

And it worked. Thanks and lot.
Prior to this wheever I went to the google site - I used to be redirected to a stupid cPanel site ( in ie ) and used to get the traditional 'Page Not Found Error' in netscape. In my case though Spybot was not of much help.

Remove it from the "c:/WINDOWS/hosts" file and it works.

But anybody wondering, why did it happen. Some virus, spyware? Who would do that? Any clue?