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dance like there's ass in your pants

Just saying. My birthday is in 18 days.

UPDATE via my husband:

In the interest of fairness it should be noted that my birthday (Aug 25) also happens to be our first wedding anniversary and Justin is hoping for a large-screen plasma tv, thank you.


Hmm... you missed my birthday last week. I was going to get you a present, but I'm not sure now.

Of course we could always exchange gifts. My wish list is here.
Buy me the Blackberry and I'll get you the sticker book. Deal?

Michele.. 24th or 25th? I can't count.

So is he going to get the large-screen plasma tv? 'cuz I think that a movie party is definately in order at the Michele house if he does!

I'm guessing he can keep hoping, right?

Just like I always say...all the fabulous people are born in August. Three weeks, three days until mine...

14 days until my 21st.

August people rule!

I would just like to point out that Achewood rules. That is all.

Do NOT pony up the cash for a plasma TV! That display technology suffers from a serious degradation in brightness and color saturation over a relatively short period of time.

For the slack jawed droolers out there, this means the picture fades and washes out. What you see when you buy the thing is the best is will ever look.

Within 2 years you'll hate it.

In case I don't visit again before your big day, Happy B-Day michele! My little boy's B-day is in 6 days and soon after he's going to kindergarden. I don't think I'll be able to handle that.

I'd love some pointers on how a parent handles the first day of 'real' school for their first born.

Mine's in 3 days, and my son's is in 7. Summer people rock!

That means you are 28 days older then Me. Cool.

Yeah, I've heard bad things about plasma displays also. Supposedly their operational life is about 2000hrs and are about 50% of they're original brightness at that point. I'm currently looking into video projectors. The bulb life on those is also about 2000hrs, but it cost a few hundred bucks to replace those and I can live with that.

PS - Youngins. I turned 43 last week. Too young to be a boomer, too old to be an X'er. I'm just so confused about my identity. :-)