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all the news that's fit to predict

I don't have to walk into the local deli and check out the newstand to know what's on the cover of most papers today. I wonder how many late night staff sessions there were across the nation, with the great debate amongst the staff being who gets the cover: Kobe or Arnold?

I will predict the headlines before I actually look: Running Man. The Governator. Total Recall.

Winner! The Daily News leads the pack with the headline Running Man, complete with a photo of Speciall Effects Arnold, and the line "Vote for me if you want to live."

Oh, I'm good at this. The New York Post has: Governator!

Meanwhile, the Bali bomber was sentenced to death.

You remember the Bali bombing, don't you? October 12, 2002. 202 dead.

Oh, and Mike Hawash plead guilty yesterday. Remember him? He's the guy who was helping out the Taliban. Plotting against U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The one so many people assumed was being railroaded and they rallied to his side because the Evil American Government was holding this man hostage.

So, that's today's headlines and today's news. One is not exclusive of the other. Not a commentary, just a fact.

In other predictable news, I'm going to be late for work. You can bank on that headline most days during the summer.


Yer good!

Actually, I think that this just about covers them all.

10pm producer last night used "the govern-ator" on the key last night and had "total recall" in his read. heh