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Midol: it's what's for dinner

Me and over-the-counter medications don't mix. No matter what I take, from Bayer Aspirin to Triaminic, I get weird side effects (see, Triaminic Dream). So far, the only thing I found that works for me without any trauma is Excedrine Migraine.

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, though. Today's cramps are extraordinary, sort of like having back labor. Anyone who has ever gone through giving birth and being in back labor will tell you that there is no pain or discomfort to match it. Oh yes, and the mood to match as well. It's like a the complete PMS set of luggage. Cramps, mood, bloat.

So my husband forced me to take Midol, which he furtively bought on our last trip to the drugstore.

You know that scene in Sixteen Candles, where the bride takes Midol and she's all loopy and rubbery as she walks down the aisle?

Hey, at least I'm smiling and the cramps are gone. But I'll be damned if I'm getting any housework done tonight.

UPDATE: Kathy mentioned menopause in the comments. Yes, it's true. It's begun. Slowly, like a creeping death. I'm only 40 (41 next month) but my mother started menopause at the same age. In fact, I think she's still going through it, 23 years later. At least that's the excuse she uses.


I'll take doing her housework while she floats around all loopy over the alternative any day.

Menopause is a good thing. :)
I used to get cramps (and moods) like that.

Menopause will be good when I get the full final effect of it. You know what I mean.

For now, I'd like to live without night sweats and hot flashes.

I'm only 40!

i so can relate. back labor is grueling. i've always been prone to lower back pain.

Excedrin Migraine's good stuff -- nothing else comes close to handling my headaches. Still, there are some pains it just can't handle -- say, gallbladder attacks, which, I've been told, are worse than childbirth.

Excedrin Extra Strength just doesn't cut it, eh? Gotta be Excedrin Migraine?

I've had night sweats and hot flashes for about 5 years -- and I'm 30. Hmmmmm...

Didn't she take muscle relaxers before the wedding ?(in Sixteen Candles).... I can't believe that I can remember small details about movie plots from the 80's, but I can't remember basic geometry.

Masturbation works for cramps, too.


my mom hadn't started menopause yet, when she had her hysterectomy last year. at 55. my grandmother was in her 60s when hers started. and i was on birth control for fifteen years, which should push mine back until i'm, oh, seventy. i'll be the one on the cover of the enquirer - "68 year old woman gives birth to triplets. it was an accident! says near-septugenarian..."

so i'd be happy to switch uteruses (uteri?) with you. anyone? free to a good home.

Okay, nobody mentioned it, so I will.

For cramps, have someone rub your back in little, clockwise circles a little higher than half-way, on the right side of the spine, maybe an inch or two away. Repeat as necessary. Good luck.

I get vicious cramps every month - 1600 mg ibuprofen (8 tabs), plus a heating pad for when they're at their peak.