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parents just don't understand

Via the former Juan Gato:

An innovative new camp in Germany is trying to get children who spend too much time on the internet out of their bedrooms and into the sunshine.

Many of the children who attend are self-confessed addicts who use the web and computer games for up to six hours a day to escape boredom.

Given that computer addiction is not officially recognised as a clinical disorder, it is a taboo subject for many parents, said Simone Trautsch, the camp psychologist:

"Many parents don't speak about this problem, they don't know what they can do as a mother or father to help them."

Here's an idea: Open the window. Unplug the computer. Throw the computer out the window. Hand your child a broom and tell him to go outside and clean up the mess.

There's a cure for internet addiction. It's called "Turn off that fucking computer before I use the keyboard to bash a hole in your skull."

Now, will someone open a camp for parents who have no control over what their children do and then spend thousands of dollars to deprogram their kids when the parents themselves should be seeking psychological help for allowing their children to walk all over them?


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"Many of the children who attend are self-confessed addicts who use the web and computer games for up to six hours a day to escape boredom."

"Up to six hours a day"


Ya meanie. Don't you know you're supposed to be your childrens' friend?

What about all those bored adults who spend six hours or more glued to the Internet? Do they have a camp for them also? Clothing optional, hopefully? In Amsterdam*?

*As long as I was dreaming up fantasies, I might as well have it in a country where I can smoke a joint, if I want. ;)

Yeah. What she said. :-)

See, the problem with becoming a parent is that it damages the brain, making you forget how to raise children.

The only people who know how to raise children are the ones that don't have any. Just ask them.

Thank you!

Man, I wish there were more people who were willing to put the task of raising kids on the kids' parents. I've been a daddy for just over 4 years and I am already sick to vomiting over other parents' attitudes on child raising.

"My kids just want to watch TV all day."

"Kids today don't play outside any more."

"All they want is candy and soda. They won't eat vegetables at all."

"I don't like that teacher. She gives them so much homework."

Parenting is a job, not a hobby. It takes work and effort. Kids do not watch too much TV if the parent spends time with the kids. They play outside as much as you want when you put them outside and tell them to play. The eat vegetables just fine when that's what they're given to eat.

My absolute biggest beef is with the parents that think their kids are getting all of their education in school. That's not how it was when we were kids, it is not what was intended and it is never going to be that way. School is where the kids sit doodling and spitting bits of paper at each other while the teacher tries in vain to keep a semblance of order on an unruly group of hooligans with an attention span of 5 minutes (maximum) while simultateously trying to get at least a bit of learning to penetrate their skulls through osmosis. Home and parents are required to extract and expound upon the little that is actually garnered in school. They are supposed to reinforce that book larnin' and support the kids' teachers.

(Sorry for the rant. It's a sensitive spot for me.)

Jim, don't hurt yourself when I say this but...you've still got the teenage years to look forward to.

i'm only twelve but i know that parents are self-anal-retentive.

i'm only twelve but i know that parents are self-anal-retentive.

heh..try pryin me away frm my comp..imma kik ur assz.. jk jk

I'm tryin to type a paper for my english class about parents not understandin their kids..so wutz the deal with that?? why are some parents so stubborn minded and arrogant..its lyke.."im the king of the world, i kno wut im doing and you better listen to me or else.." what happend to da sayin.."everyone's glass is only half full" or sumthin lyke dat. oh..and if any of you whom read what i post..if u ppl hav any good pieces of literature that has a theme that involves parents not understandin their kids then could ya please tell me bout it?? thx very much!

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