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with publicity like this...

What do you make of this?

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case will be “great for the NBA” from a business standpoint, according to an interview he had with Access Hollywood.

“FROM A BUSINESS perspective, it’s great for the NBA. It’s reality television, people love train-wreck television and you hate to admit it, but that is the truth, that’s the reality today,” Cuban told interviewer Pat O’Brien.

Perhaps more people will tune in to see Kobe Bryant, but most people who watch NBA basketball do that anyhow. I can't imagine that anyone is going to turn on their tv to watch the Clippers play the Nuggets hoping to see, what? One player sexually attack another? Frankly, I don't think anyone would watch that match-up even if they were promised Hot! Naked! Chicks! on the sideline.

The NBA has an image problem. If the Dallas Cowboys were drafted into the NBA, noone would notice the difference. The rap sheets and bad attitudes would remain the same. Playing off of the Kobe Bryant case for ratings and money is sickening, but on par with what I've come to expect of the NBA.

Too bad everyone can't be like David Robinson.


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I love David Robinson. Really, most of the Spurs are pretty good guys. Tim Duncan is often chastised for being the most boring player in the NBA, but he's also one of the best.

The Spurs are my only sports fascination and if the team ever changes their attitude, I will no longer be a fan.

Mark Cuban apparently neglected to mention it could be very bad for business too, if Kobe is sitting in jail in a few months.

Regardless, it's too bad that all some people see in this case is just what it could mean for business (endorsements for Kobe and the NBA in general alike). Disgusting.

Still more of why I rarely watch professional sports anymore. Anything for a buck, the bottom line is all that matters, who cares about morals?

Oh, wait. That's just Today's Big Business.

David Robinson was a good guy, but even he had his moments. I remember an interview with him (back in probably '93-'94) in which he said that AIDS was a plague god visited on homosexuals.

He wasn't saying that they'd "play it up" for ratings--- he was saying that people, being the lurid, ghoulish voyeurs that they are these days, would tune in even more just to oggle at Kobe "accused rapist" Bryant.

I agree, the man is egotistical and greedy. To say that a possible rape is good for any business is not only sad, it's criminal.

To say that a possible rape is good for any business is not only sad, it's criminal.

Telling the truth is illegal now? Look at his extended comments:

"“From a business perspective, the unfortunate reality is that in this country notoriety sells. . . I’m not saying this a good thing. I’m not saying it’s a positive reflection of who we are as a country. It’s just reality. It sells papers, it increases TV ratings. The NBA will benefit from that."

That's the simple truth. It's not sad, it's not criminal, it's reality. Denying reality is never useful.

it's too bad that all some people see in this case is just what it could mean for business

What else are they supposed to see, exactly? That Kobe's guilty? That he's innocent? What, exactly? Cuban doesn't know if Kobe's guilty or innocent; he doesn't know if it's grossly unfair that the alleged victim is being roasted alive by Kobe's fans, or if it's nothing more than she deserves. What he DOES know is that notoriety sells.

He was on NPR's talk show and said precisely what Dan quoted, that past performance on the part of the American viewing public led him to believe the public would have a short-term burst of interest in the NBA.

And I have to disagree a little with the author: I don't think the NBA has an image problem as much as it has a hiring problem; character matters far less than it should for such a highly visible enterprise.

Have your hits started to come back down to earth? Kobe news is kinda light right now, and probably all the people who want to find that woman's pic have already.

Yea, that's why I posted this story, to get hits from assholes.

Hey, looks like it worked!

Hmm.... I'm an asshole? I didn't think you were trolling for hits. I am actually interested if your hits are going down, since Lemondust's hits have been declining since last Saturday as Kobe news has declined. It interests me that the story is less hot right now than before. (with the reasons being as stated in the previous post).

Easy now. The Cowboys tarnished image is in the past. There isn't really anyone currently on the team that has much of a sordid past. No more than any other team, at least.

Now the Portland Trail Blazers, now there is a team that should change their team colors to Department of Corrections Orange!

Cuban is a brilliant owner but he is also part of the modern day sports. Just when does criminal behavior enhance a sport? The last time I checked, NBA ratings were on the decline and it took a Jordan comback number three to keep the ratings from falling further. Somehow Jordan could maintain popularity without criminal behavior. Ditto Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Cuban is the owner of the most squeaky-clean, but sport-wise, most exciting team to watch in NBA - he doesn't hire thugs, even if he does say it is good for ratings.

For people who say thuggery won't sell, do you remember what happened after Allen Iverson got into a brawl over his girlfirend that involved a gun? Yes, Reebok couldn't keep his shoes on the shelf, they sold out that fast. He is just stating a reality - not creating it or endorsing it.

I think it's important to say also that Mark Cuban didn't just up and say that he thought this was good for the NBA. He was asked if he thought the NBA would would suffer from the coverage the story got and he gave his honest opinion. To say it's criminal for him to do that is beyond me. To say that him saying that has anything to do with the NBA's image is a mistake too. His observation is more an indictment of the public at large than the NBA. It's about how people will watch for the salacious details of the story no matter how bad they are. He never endorsed using this to boost ratings or said that it should boost ratings. He was asked a question and he answered it. I think the need to be outraged over the way people are acting in this situation is causing people to pull the trigger a little to quickly. There are plenty of people doing horrible things with respect to this story, but an NBA owner who isn't involved at all commenting on how he believes it will impact the NBA as a whole isn't one of them.

Um jock (allegedly) rapes a girl...and its big news?

How about all the athletes beating the shit out of their more intelligent peers on high school and college campuses all over the country? Or how about the fact that the vast majority of rapes on college campuses are committed by jocks (some figures state its as high as 66%). Jocks behaving like cretins isn't big news, its par for the course.