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fear no evil

The death toll continues to mount in the Indonesia hotel blast. It now stands at 13.

No one claimed responsibility for the blast, but suspicion immediately fell on the same organization blamed for the Bali attack the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah, which authorities say is fighting to install a pan-Islamic state in Southeast Asia.

Of course it's linked to the Bali bombers: Terrorism experts believed the attack on the American-owned Marriott Hotel was orchestrated by JI to coincide with tomorrow's first verdict in the Bali bomb trial, when Amrozi faces a likely death sentence.

Wasn't it just last week that we warned al-Qaida would exact the same revenge on the U.S. if we bring the Gitmo Guys to trial?

The BBC has a collection of thoughts from people who were there or around the vicinity when the bomb exploded today:

Not long ago the Indonesian president denied that there were any terrorists in Indonesia. I also recall her pandering to local Islamic sympathies by accusing the U.S. of "insulting" the Muslim world with the war on terror. Maybe now it's time for her to wake up to the explosive reality.

The Religion of Peace(tm) strikes again. And it won't be the last time. The War on Terror is mostly a war against militant Islamists and to deny that is to deny the fact that we need to protect ourselves against these people. Pandering to them and playing the P.C. game of being non-offensive only gets you more of what happened today.

Even though Rumsfeld and company issue threats and warnings every day, we should still pay attention. We can never let the idea of these threats fade, no matter how long the time is after a threat is revealed. These people have long memories and the patience of a lion stalking its prey.

Today Indonesia, tomorrow somewhere else. Thousands upon thousands will die across the world as some media organizations still cower to the politically correct crowd and refuse to use the word terrorist to describe the suicide bombers. Call it what it is. It's a Jihad against the world. Not against the United States, not against Indonesia, but against all of us who are not facing Mecca.

I have so many friends who work in the hotel and even though I am in Dubai now, I can feel the sadness of them and the entire sadness of my nation. The news shocked me a lot and I feel really, really sorry to hear that. One of my friends here who worked before in the hotel is crying and all of us here in Dubai cry for what has happened in our country.
Eva, Dubai, UAE

13 victims or 3,000 victims, it amounts to the same thing when you look at the cause and the perpetrators. They are murdering us slowly, they are exacting their warped revenge on those who they see as non-believers, on those who dare to take a stand against them.

We need to carry on with trials, and carry on with rooting out terrorism, and carry on on with bringing every person responsible for these acts of evil - from those who arm and finance them, to the cowards who stand aside while they send the "martyrs" off with bombs attached to them - to justice.

Fear no evil. Seek it out and destroy it.


From Sheila: A list of bombings in Indonesia since 1999


My aunt and uncle moved back to Vancouver from Jakarta last Friday. The last place they ate supper was in that hotel. Two of their friends (also Canadians) were killed in Bali. Needless to say, I totally agree with you. This has got to stop.

That first quote you have from the BBC page was from a John C. of New York. Immediately afterward is this comment:

I would like to say my greatest sympathy goes out to the Indonesian people. With regards to John C, New York, USA , You need to get your facts right. Not all Muslims are terrorists - people should know this.
Nasir Adam , UK

You'll note that John C. implied no such thing.

I have to wonder why the BBC, which selects which submissions go on its pages, chose that one, which is nearly devoid of content, and what content it does possess is misleading.

In fact, I wonder if Nasir Adam works for the BBC.

Its time to tell Islam that they can either take the lead in wiping out terrorism, or take the blame for it and forever become a religion of losers.

For the love of god™ would you please get off the "Religion of Peace™" rant.

Being a muslim does not make you a terrorist anymore than being a Christian makes you pro-life, anymore than being a Jew makes you a diamond merchant. Sheeesh. Enough already. Time to find a more narrow brush..

"Being a muslim does not make you a terrorist anymore than being a Christian makes you pro-life, anymore than being a Jew makes you a diamond merchant."

However, being a Muslim does make it more likely that your local cleric funnels money to terrorists.

Or that your local cleric prays for the eradication of Israel.

Or that you live in a theocracy, and your local cleric announces that it is a moral imperative for said country to develop nuclear weapons.

Well, Greg, while all Muslims aren't terrorists, virtually all terrorists who seek to eradicate Israel and the US ARE Muslims.

It's that stuff you learn in your elementary logic class in college: All A are B does not imply that all B are A.

True enough, but if all A are B, and the A's are trying to kill you, then you'd be wise to keep a close eye on those B's and regard them with skepticism, especially when they aren't going out of their way to condemn or distance themselves from the A's.

Quite right, Dave. And I'll search the news sites again, but I can't seem to find stories of homicide bombers declaring their mayhem the desire of their god, save those who are Muslims. I don't find a one about Jewish car-bombers, Christians murdering someone for "collaboration," and Zoroastrian terrorists appear nonexistent.

Hey, Greg! Watchout out for those Catholic schoolgirls carrying bombs! There are so many of them!