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a chilling holiday for august

Farkers attempt to create an August holiday.

August seems like the longest month of the year. It's hot, it's humid and the days last forever. Pity there's no national holiday to break up the monotony of four weeks of dealing with people who don't wear deodorant in this weather.

While the Farkers are enjoying themselves inventing such a holiday (National Knight Out; Bong Appreciate Day; White History Month, etc.), I'll propose my own holiday.

I figure we'll just drag the whole thing out and wait until the end of August so we can really let loose and party as the summer winds down. For you consideration:

August 30: the birthday of Ted Williams. We can call it Holiday on Ice.

The kids can play freeze tag, the adults can have frozen drinks and then we can all beat up a pinata shaped like Ted's son John Henry. Of course, the pinata is filled with ice cubes.

So, whose coming over on August 30? BYOIC (bring your own ice cream).

Got any better ideas?


Because of those soundboards all around the internet, and my friends' obsession with calling each other using the Arnold Schwarzenegger one, we've decided to make August 4th, the day Skynet went online, into a holiday. It's got good distance from July 4th and labor day.

In Canada, the first Monday in August is a holiday just because. I can't think of a better reason.

But it's MY birthday!! I think THAT should be a holiday.....TODAY!!! WOO HOO!!

I'm kinda partial to "Bong Appreciation Day" myself...

Perspiration Day -- in my part of the country, this would e every day from mid-April until just before Halloween, but early August would work for an official holiday.

August 30 is too close to Labor Day.

August 28th is my birthday! apropos of nothing...

National Air Conditioner Appreciation Week. You pick the week.


The only problem I see with August 30th is it is too close to Labor Day. I therefore declare we choose the second Sunday in August and create "Hug a Catholic Priest while he gropes your genitals Day,"

ANY holiday (at the end of august), involving water balloons and ice cream, would be okay with me :)

My vote is International Head Day.

MY birhtday should be a holiday to on August 20 I love August a month in which we can relax in the pool.

MY birhtday should be a holiday to on August 20 I love August a month in which we can relax in the pool and my birthday is tomorrow.