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self-plug: A Yankee in a Red Sox court

Don't forget, I'll have a column up at Fox Sports New England tommorow as I pinch hit for Edward Cossette. He's got a blogger lined up every day this week. Don't miss today's column by Isaac Taylor.

Again, I thank Edward (nee, Bambino's Curse) for having the faith (and the balls) to let me, a Yankee fan, stand in his place.

[Granted, it's something most of you probably read here already, but this almost like reading it somewhere...real!]


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I'll be there!

I go back and forth on the Yankees-Red Sox thing. I hate the Yankees of course -- rooting for the Yankees would be like rooting for Goliath. But the Red Sox's wounds have been almost always self-inflicted, so I sometimes find it hard to feel sorry for them. I wonder if they're too much like the Cubs.

The Cubs don't win because their fans are suckers -- the fans come out no matter what, win or lose, because of the stadium and for sentimental reasons. But the Cubs don't make a real effort to win. See Kim DuToit on this -- but I took one visit to Wrigley (a great place to watch a game) and came to the same conclusion he did.

I think the Red Sox try harder than the Cubs, but you don't see them going for the pre-emptive win like the Yankees do. That is, making sure they have four or five great starting pitchers and a couple of great relievers and then picking up a few more players just in case.

In any case, MLB needs a new rule for both the Cubs and the Red Sox: Your franchise gets pulled if you can't win the World Series in 100 years. Betcha the Cubs would find a way by 2008. And the countdown for the Red Sox would be a lot of fun.

Still rubbing it in after all these years?

Cool article, Michele.
If you can bridge the chasm between Red Sox and Yankees fans, resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict should be a breeze. Maybe we need to start a write-in campaign for you to be our next Secretary of State...

I hate to mention this again, but you didn't close the small tag again.