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yes i'm still being "monothematic"

Lilly oh Lilly,

You respond with this:

What do we have on facts? We have some translated bits from oh so objective merde in france. My french is simply nonexistent so I can't see if it's correct or not and I have yet to see the first german or english official translation of this book.

When I try to cut the information down to its basics it comes to people having sex in the eye of death.

Well, I might shock some of you, but that's pretty common in the world.
And from what I further read on comments and entries, for example from michele, it seems to me, that the sex part is the real exciter for some of you.
Have you ever considered to wait until the book is translated and then have a look at it and maybe see if the sex-theme is just a metapher for something else? No, of course not.

Am I to construe from those words that you think Merde gave a false, slanted translation? That's truly pathetic.

Sex in the eye of death may or may not be common. But once again, Lilli, what you are failing to comprehend is that this fiction is based on fact. It's based on real people who really died that day. And this is not "I need to be loved once more before I die" sex. It's pornography, it's hardcore and it's set up so that the subtext of the book becomes: Americans are so preoccupied with sex and material things, it's no wonder they were attacked by terrorists!

Why don't you go to Babelfish and translate the French (on Merde's site) for yourself?

And pleases stop with the "but people are dying in floods and earthquakes but it's not covered as much in the news" shit. 3,000 people were murdered on that day, Lilli. MURDERED. By terrorists. That makes the story quite different than natural disasters. It does not make the deaths of those people in the floods any less traumatic, but a mass murder the size of the one that took place on 9/11 puts quite a different spin on the story, no?

I do think this is the last time I'll try to lecture Lilli. Her thinking is obviously obscured by her righteous indignation at my self-centeredness.

[in case you're interested, Hesiod and his pals are still rambling along in the comments from this weekend post]


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Sex in the eye of death can be funny when it's an episode of 'Taxi' and Latka is faced with having sex or freezing to death inside a cab.

This is just tacky, especially in light of it being based on such a horrific day.

Actually Lilly's response is kind of predictable. If we have learned anything of late it's that the lefties really only care about themselves and their cause, and the consequences or lives they affect through it are, well immaterial.

She's only really concerned that bad things like earthquakes and floods don't make the news like the events of 9/11 do. So really, it's all about her feeling bad for the victims of floods and earthquakes. And why? Didn't you know there is only a certain quantity of mourning and sadness in the world ?! If we in the US keep spending all our sadness on the victims of 9/11 then there won't be enough to go around for all the sad and downtrodden people of the world, let alone the victims of floods and earthquakes.

Wake up, lilly. What does your complaint about the deaths of earthquake and flood victims not making the news like the events of 9/11 have to do with the fact that some cheese eating surrender monkey is going to dishonor the memory of the victims of 9/11 to further his pathetic cause of socialism and anti-globalization and pocket lots of Euros ?

Nothing, except for YOUR self-centered view that everyone should feel bad about something ALL THE TIME. And that it should be all about who Lilly thinks should be the recipient of our sadness and mourning.

Here's what you do... Go feel bad for whoever the hell you want and leave us the hell alone.

If there is any one other constant that should be mentioned here it is that the french frog, whatever his name is - his book obviously sucks, BIGTIME. The fact that it will be a best seller in France, well that speaks VOLUMES in more than one way.

On Sept. 11, many people in the World Trade Center behaved with great heroism, risking their lives to save others. Those who were trapped used their final minutes to call their family members to say good-bye. That's the reality.

If the Frenchman wants to accuse Americans of being consumerists, he should find an example that proves his case. Sept. 11 showed that Americans act quickly in an emergency and take risks for a larger case, and that they love their families.

Now that Joanne Jacobs mentions other scenarios, wouldn't the Great Depression be a more appropriate setting to both showing Americans as victims of consumerism and as having wild pornographic sex?

I'm just thinking out loud.

Thanks for the pointer, but I'd rather drive hot nails into my eyes than read Hesiod's hateful attention whoring.

Perhaps that decomposing harpy from dying old Europe is on to something. Maybe American programs are trashy and silly and cheap! Perhaps American popular culture should improve itself by imitating some of the vibrant, sophisticated cultural output of Europe such as DJ Sammy, Big Brother, Johnny Halliday, the Eurovision song contest and porn in primetime. Or maybe prostitutes in shop windows! Or perhaps even Americans could stop reproducing and start giving out free head to Jew hating terrorists just like the decaying sophisticates of Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin do.

It seems all of you missed the most important part...

The excerpt published comes from a special edition of Technikart, all the stories inside was related to the theme : "Outrage",

Beigbeder is a publicist, so he knows perfectly well how the media work... from your reactions I guess he was the author who had the most brillant illustration for this theme ;)

And don't believe you are the center of the world, there's no hate in Beigbeider's work... he just don't give a f** about you, that's all...

If he doesn't give a fuck about us, then why is he writing about us? Try again, fool.