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and the winner is:

[I put the post below to spare the dial-up people among you the graphic loading time. See, I do listen to some complaints!]


Ah, forget to turn off the repeat voting thigamajig and all hell breaks loose. Someone actually spent a good deal of time clicking on Highlander II about 300 times. All that carpal tunnel syndrome, all for naught.

When I last looked, just a few minutes before the Highlander Hijacker worked his magic, Batman and Robin was leading by 7%. So, despite the attempts of one person frantically clicking a mouse for the last ten minutes, our winner of the August edition of Kazaam Award for Dubious Distinction in Bad Movie Making is Batman and Robin (know in this house that piece of Schumacher).

Thanks for playing!


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Heh heh... just tried it out. It's as easy as voting once and telling Opera to reload the page (which re-posts the vote) every 5 seconds.

Yeah, what Mason said...and there are a lot of scripts out there to do that too. /.'ers are known for abusing microsoft vs linux vs apple polls that way :)

Piece of "Schumacher?" Not referring to the reigning Formula One champion, are you? I'd hate to have to think nasty thoughts about you, Michele. Not that I don't already, but not that type of nasty thoughts. ;-)


How is it that both Batman and Robin have nipp;es, but Batgirl doesn't?