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reminder and a thought

You've got a half hour left. Batman and Robin currently holds the lead.

And just a random observation. I really like Gollum. He reminds me of some people I know. And he looks like Steve Buscemi.


Damn, I thought he looked a lot like me. Gollum, that is, not Steve Buscemi.

oh my! I like gollum, too! I dont know, there is just something so endearing in that slimy little dude.

Gollum is Preciousssss......

I like Gollum too.
And Lenore!
Thanks for introducing me to the Cute Little Dead Girl.
Way too macabrely cool!

I always thought Gollum looked like Mia Farrow, but I shouldn't insult him that way - he's a cutie, like Steve.

Gollum creeps me out! Although I did find myself pittying him more than anything.

And he does look like Steve Buscemi! I never noticed that before.