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more on the french: coming soon

I've been receiving a lot of email, and I've read some interesting - albeit infuriating - posts regarding this entry on the upcoming book Windows on the World.

I am gathering my thoughts and my links and I will respond to all in my morning post.

If you have something you would like to say regarding this book or this diatrabe inparticular - which paints me as self-centered for being so displeased with the book - please email me (or just leave a comment) and I will include your response with mine in the morning.

I'm just stunned at the stupidty and arrogance of some people.

Or, you can just ignore me and go read Kelley's Cul-de-Sac, her weekly labor of love.


Oh gawd, the usual "sure that sucks, but the US is the real satan" argument. Fuck that.

That piece of drivel should be given as much credence as a Dixie Chick talking foreign affairs. Sex scenes during a disaster are tasteless, corny, and are the result of someone who lack the creative mind to actually dig into the situation.

Lilli has been informed that she is full of Scheisse. Here's the whole thing. Yes I trolled her comments, in German too. I am only cruel to be even more cruel.

There's this paragraph in red that shows up near the bottom of every comment window. It includes the following:

... if you wish to spew hatred and make death threats, there are plenty of forums on the internet available for just that sort of thing.

It does not go on to say: "unless you're spewing hatred and making death threats against French people, because I'm cool with that." But apparently that's the policy around here.

This is why the idea of people having "wild and furious sex" in the Windows on the World restuarant makes my blood boil. This is what really happened. From 'Distant Voices, Still Lives" published last year in The Observer.

"09:35 - North Tower, 104th floor, Cantor Fitzgerald, 106th floor, Windows on the World, 53 mins to collapse.

So urgent was the need for air that people piled four and five high in window after window, upper bodies hanging out, 1,300 feet above the ground.

Elsewhere, two men stood on the windowsills, leaning so far outside that they could peer around a big intervening column and see each other. On the 103rd floor, a man stared straight out of a broken window toward the northwest, bracing himself against a window frame with one hand. He wrapped his other arm around a woman, seemingly to keep her from falling to the ground.

Behind the unbroken windows, the desperate had assembled. 'About five floors from the top you have about 50 people with their faces pressed against the window trying to breathe,' a police officer in a helicopter reported.

Now it was unmistakable. The office of Cantor Fitzgerald, and just above it Windows on the World, would become the landmark for this doomed moment. Nearly 900 would die on floors 101 through 107. In the restaurant, at least 70 people crowded near windows at the northwest corner of the 106th floor. 'Everywhere else is smoked out,' Stuart Lee, a Data Synapse vice president, emailed his office in Greenwich Village. 'An argument going on as to whether we should break a window,' he continued a few moments later. 'Consensus is no for the time being.'

Soon, though, a dozen people appeared through broken windows along the west face of the restaurant. Vogt, the general manager of Windows, could see them from the ground, silhouetted against grey smoke. By now, fires were rampaging through the impact floors, darting across the north face of the tower. Coils of smoke lashed the people braced around the broken windows.

In the north-west conference room on the 104th floor, Andrew Rosenblum and 50 others temporarily warded off the smoke and heat by plugging vents with jackets. 'We smashed the computers into the windows to get some air,' Rosenblum reported on his mobile to his golf partner, Barry Kornblum.

But there was no hiding. As people began falling from above the conference room, Rosenblum broke his preternatural calm, his wife Jill recalled. In the midst of speaking to her, he suddenly interjected, without elaboration, 'Oh my God!' "

I'm sorry to take up so much room with something so harrowing, but this is why I find this frog potboiler so revolting. I bet Lilli Marleen doesn't get this. To her this sort of defamation is no worse that Hogan Heroes or something. Which is odd, because that program showed Lilli's fascist ancestors in a flattering light. She will probably assume in her smugly desensitised European manner that I am some sort of primitive hyper-patroit cowboy whose ranch is festooned with America Flags.

I am not American and have never been there, I live in a port city in Australia, but I do feel sympathy for the people who died in 9/11.

Yeah, Thlayli, we're all cool with that. Why do you hang out here with us Neanderthals, anyway? Surely there are more civilized forums where you can get a life-affirming cyber-hug or confirmation that you are morally superior or whatever it is you are after.

Why do you hang out here with us Neanderthals, anyway? Surely there are more civilized forums where you can get a life-affirming cyber-hug or confirmation that you are morally superior or whatever it is you are after.

Well, if that's how you all feel about me....

Bye, Michele. It's been real. Give my best to the kids.

Wow, now I represent Michele's entire audience. Go me.

You represented me just fine Andrea, wanna go to Congress for me now?

Damn, Andrea! Ask and thou shalt receive.