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Kazaam Award: Final voting

The time has come. The ballot has been narrowed down to three choices. Voting will go on until 10pm tonight, at which time, the film with the most votes will have the honor of having its name inscribed on the bottom of this beautiful, hand-made trophy.

The trophy will be joining the three previous winners on the shelf: Kazaam, Jeepers Creepers and 3,000 Miles to Graceland. Choose carefully, as this honor should not be taken lightly. [poll below]


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Hi...Just wanted to let you know, I just found you and blogrolled you. I'm a bit late for the movie awards, but I will be back....Oooh...I just thought of a horrible movie-A Blast from the Past. And, I LIKE Alicia and Brandon-but that movie stunk.

I went with Highlander 2 simply because Highlander was such a great movie and the sequal represents such a fall from grace. At least Batman and Robin was a steady decline from Batman.

Batman & Robin doesn't deserve this treatment! Not the best movie ever, but so many many many worse ones. Like Tron. And NOT like Ringmaster. ;)

You just won't let that Ringmaster thing go, eh Faith? :)