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kazaam awards: final ballot

I've rounded up some of your suggestions from here, added a few of my own worst movie going experiences and came up with the following list. Choose no more than two movies from this list to nominate it for the Kazaam award and then I'll put the top five vote-getters in a poll later on today. Write in votes still allowed.

I've gone through the trouble of linking to reviews for each one, in case you need more proof it was truly a bad movie.

[Movies listed below]

So many bad movies. So little time.


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Ick. They all suck. But I will nominate the two Tom Cruise fiascoes "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Vanilla Sky."


Godfather 3
Exorcist 2 & 3
Jaws 3D
Dracula (the Tom Cruise Version)

Pay it Forward - "your reward for your good deeds shall be your untimely death". Lesson learned: don't try

Popeye - 7 minute cartoons should NEVER be made into 2 hour movies

Popeye is actually on my lists as one of the top 15 movies ever made. Harvey's comment shows why I say it is a great movie and most think it sucked. It was not based on the animated comics, it was based upon the old 1930s/40s newspaper comic strip. The delight in the movie was how it enacted the inanities that occurred in the background. Sorry folks, but this was a GREAT MOVIE. You just are too young to understand the nostalgic appeal it has to true Popeye fans.

Sorry about my earlier Popeye diatribe. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of how I lost my own personal Olive Oyl to the great beyond nine years ago. [insert deep sobs here]

My votes: Indecent Proposal and Castaway

Sgt. Pepper, followed by Highlander II.

Highlander II and Batman and Robin (since I had both in my nominations)

write in: Waterworld

I must have no taste..I liked Pay It Forward.

The others I didn't bother to see..so maybe there is hope for me.

Highlander II (they never should've tried to do a sequel) and Sgt Pepper (the Beatles deserve much better).

Highlander II - any movie that has the line "Remember the othr planet?" sucks :)

Of the movies I've actually seen, one that comes to mind as especially atrocious is The Bedroom Window - http://movie-reviews.colossus.net/movies/b/bedroom_window.html

How could a movie with Isabelle Huppert and Elizabeth McGovern go so far wrong? The answer is Steve Guttenberg and very, very, VERY bad writing. At the screening I was unfortunate enough to attend, I recall audience members at various points actually booing, hissing and laughing out loud.

It was the well-deserved end of Guttenberg's implausible career as a leading man, but Curtis Hanson did recover to do some good work, including L.A. Confidential and Wonder Boys.

A wonderful by-product of being movie challenged - I have not seen any of those movies. Whew.

Caddyshack II -- beyond horrible.

Anything ever starring, written by, directed by, or produced by Alan Alda.

Ditto Steven Seagal.

Ditto the Baldwin brothers: Alec, Steven, Spunky, Dorky, whoever.

I'm with you on the Baldwins-- but I rather like Alan Alda's work. Not his politics, mind you, but a lot of his work, especially in the theatre, is very good.

I really don't expect anyone to believe me, but I saw "Weekend at Bernie's 2". Seriously-- the movies already listed are horrible, but they're pikers compared to WaB2. The hydrogen bomb of shitty movies.

Sgt. Peppers, argh... thanks for reminding me of that god aweful film.

Write-in: The Island of Dr. Moreau with Val Kilmer and featuring Marlon Brando finally losing it once and for all. I almost wept when I realized I could never get that $6 and that time back.

These are all bad, but (lucky me) I haven't seen most of them . . . so two write-ins: You've Got Mail and The Four Seasons (exceeding the US RDA of Alan Alda by 4,000%). It's testimony to how much I love my paternal aunt that I have ever forgiven her for dragging me to see both those movies in the theater.

"Life is Beautiful" (See comment in previous thread.)

I'm going with Highlander II...which was out paced in pure horridness by Highlander Endgame, but that's another story.