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life happens, blogging doesn't

The award presentation will have to wait until tomorrow. Got some things going on here.

Three words: Ex. Kids. Anger.

Oh yea, the anger is mine.

Anyhow, while I sort this stuff out and soothe DJ's bruised ego and heart, don't forget to keep listing your worst movies of all time.

So far Wickerman is my main choice.


Sorry that whatever's gone wrong has happened! {{{{{Michele}}}}}

Hope things look better this morning...(hey, it's already 6 AM there, you're not awake yet???)

Hey Michele,

Sorry about whatever happened to your kids. They're good kids, they don't deserve broken hearts, especially if your ex is involved. I mean, I know they're good kids because I read all about them at your Raising Hell site, and you have some good stories there. Alot of hilarious things happen to you, and you tell it in such a fashion that it is gripping to read.

Sorry about that, anyway, I hope you and yours are ok. :)
As far as the worst movie of all time? I would HAVE to say TROLL 2!! The first one was entertaining, the second one was sickening, and by sickening i mean just bad in an awful way :)


Did someone do a remake of "The Wicker Man", or are you saying the original sucked? Or is it an entirely different movie?

Nise story!