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last post about Gigli, I swear

First there was Showgirls. Then there was Glitter. Now, from what I imagine is the same circle of hell, comes Gigli. I imagine that Freddy and Jason have better on screen chemistry than Ben and J-Lo.

Yes, I made yet another movie about a movie.

Some of the incredible reviews, via Rotten Tomotoes:

Such an utter wreck of a movie you expect to see it lying on its side somewhere in rural Pennsylvania, with a small gang of engineers circling and a wisp of smoke rising from the caboose

I fought the urge to punch someone once it finally ended.

Gigli is so horrible I had to go cleanse my palate afterward by watching Glitter.

Gigli rhymes with "really." As in "really bad," or "really offensive," or "really wish Id remembered my gun so I could just shoot myself now and end the misery.


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The votes are in, Gigli is worst than Glitter. a small victory puts this flop in the same circle of hell as Showgirls and Glitter. Funny, I haven't seen any of these movies. I guess I just got lucky. ;-)... [Read More]


I am working on trying to find out who is responsible for making this movie. Was it you, michele? Own up if it was! ;) Won't somebody please tell me what it is all about?

My favorite was the one from WTOP news where they said "Gigla makes Glitter look like Citizen Kane"


Oh, and score one for my Oakland A's last night. BOO YA!

The Austin Chronicle scores movie on a bomb (0 stars) to fantastic (5 stars) scale. However, the most dreaded rating is the "half-star", which this movie received. The review claimed it was so awful, that you can't even have any enjoyment making fun of the movie (a la Showgirls or Lost in Space). People who see this movie (especially on opening night) definitely need to be sterilized or have their children and house pets taken away from them.

Oh my God, please tell me that's not supposed to be Matt Damon!!! I'll die a thousand deaths, for he is my penultimate. sob

Confirming my suspicion that Matt Damon and Fabio are really the same guy. I knew it!

Does anyone have any tips on how to get DFilm to email movies a little quicker, or in my case, at all? It keeps timing out on me. Am I retarded?

Where do you guys get off criticizing this movie? It's already made a whopping $1.47 million in it's opening day, probably on it's way to $3.5 million by sunday night. I'm the salaries of these two will no doubt be offset by foreign box office, rentals, pay-per views, merchandise and such in about 5-10 years...come on.

I think you should cleanse your palate twice by watching Showgirls again. Then let Neil Schulman explain why all the critics were wrong about it.


J. Lo appears in public nearly naked, I'm sure millions of gullible men like me will see the film hoping to see Jenny completly neked.

Right up until scene 3 of Ben's Redemption I was mostly disturbed that the Grim Reaper was a lego man.... And then scene 3 came along....

OK, I haven't seen Gigli and most likely won't be seeing it in the future. However, while the advance info I've seen does not suggest it to be an especially worthy effort, all this wildly hyperbolic criticism strikes me as herd-mentality piling on.

If the same basic movie were an indie offering with no-name stars, I suspect you'd have to look far and wide to find anyone giddily ranting about it being one of the worst movies ever made. You'd most likely even find a few positive reviews.

I see this phenomenon all the time in the music arena. A band can go happily chugging along in relative obscurity for years with virtually nobody objecting to their existence. Let them have a hit record, though, and suddenly they're the poster children for everything that's wrong in the world.

Yes Ben and J. Lo are hopelessly over-exposed, but we can't blame them - we did it to ourselves. We greedily suck up every crumb of the pop culture du jour until we're completely sick of it, then start to bitterly complain about its tiresome-ness. All we as a culture have to do is stop consuming the excess, and the supply will magically disappear...

I could forgive Ben if Daredevil hadn't been such a disappointment. Sure, it had Jennifer Garner and Colin Farrell, but it still wasn't enough.