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are you ready for some football?

Good to know that I'm not the only idiot up this early just to watch football.

Ah, the sound of crunching bodies. Fall must be near.


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You know it, bay-beeeee! It's finally heeeeeere!

My god. I know from the time difference that you are an early riser and blogger (I'm seven hours ahead of you in Israel -- your posts start appearing around lunchtime for me.) But on a SATURDAY !? You are a nutty rabid fan.

It's 1:20 PM here now, my kids are still in pajamas watching a Madeline video post-brunch, before we go to the swimming pool -- no other possible activity in this heat.

Well I'm up this early, and I'm not watching football.

On a weekend.

I think that makes me the bigger idjit....

Well, considering our team has all four networks there live for every practice session, and the fact that my local team is the dreaded Redskins, hell yea I wanna see a game with two real teams.

I'd only be watching if it were the Packers. But even if I wasn't working Monday night, I don't think I'd watch much of the Hall of Fame game. Nobody important will be playing.

J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

Sorry Sgt. -- 30-14. It may be only preseason...but...GO BUCS!