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she must have gotten her bad taste from her father's side of the family

Yes, this is my daughter, Natalie. She's on her way to the American Idol concert. Just look at her. All decked out, ready to show her love to the stars of the show. She and her friend Jenn made four posters to take with them. They'll be in the twelfth row on the floor, and I have never seen Natalie get be so excited about something. Normally she shows very little emotion about anything, but this night of pop culture at its worst had her giddy as a school girl with a crush. Wait, she is a school girl with a crush. Ah, to be young again and find joy in pre-fabricated, made-for-the-masses crap. Where did I go wrong with her? Have I not taught her anything about good taste? Did all those moments moshing to Slayer when she was little not teach her any musical values? Sigh. I have a long road ahead of me.

And yes, that is a forced smile. Do you think 13 year old girls actually smile on their own accord?

[click for larger, scarier image]


aww, she's so cute. her little heart clay sign. :D

I feel your pain.

How can you impede your husband's family's credibility? He did marry you, didn't he?

In my opinion, that proves his tastes are impeccable...

[/end gratuitous sucking up]

My friend went yesterday. They had the best time. It is probably too late but don't let them leave before the real encore. My friend was shocked how many people left before the show was over.

I know you feel like you failed as a parent on your part, but don't worry, she's just rebelling. In fact, maybe you should encourage her to like these sorts of bands. Maybe even get into it with her. Get all gung ho. You'll have her running to slayer in no time. Heh

It's a far reach, but I'm trying to make you feel better.

Who does like their pictures taken? Show me a Teenager that does and i'll resurect the ancient Egyptian Religion.

But I do pity you for your daughters love of American Idol. Almost as bad as my sisters love of rap grimace.... Man this topic is freaking me out. Wheres my Linkin Park CDs.....

I thought Nat was a brunette?

The bad news is your daughter likes music that is pre-fabricated crap. The good news is she's 13. Not only will she out-grow this phase of her musical life, but in a few years you'll be able to needle her mercilessly about this episode whenever she dares to impugn your musical taste.

hrm...well, i'm 15, which isn't too far away from 13...and i often smile on my own accord.

Alas, so few as 2 years ago, i was quite infatuated with the Quebecois girl who was the lead singer of the band that won Popstars, Canada's earlier version of American Idol.

Watched a few minutes of Canadian Idol this year, i couldn't stomach it. moral of the story: she may get over it.

until then, play good music softly while she sleeps, maybe it'll subliminally burn itself into her brain.

Michele, get her gaydar checked and quickly! Loving Clay will only lead to heartbreak and disappointment!

Ah, another addition to the folder labeled "Future Blackmail."


What you said. My oldest daughter is now 24... and doesn't really like me to talk about her major crust when she was in the 6th grade on NKOTB... she and her best friend SO excited... I embellished denim jackets with requisite "Joey" buttons and puffy paint hearts with NKOTB in it.

Ah, moms with long memories can be a delightful thing!

Ok. I went to the NJ show on Wednesday. Had a great time. Love Clay's voice.

Now that I've made this confession, I'm going to go seek shelter away from the sharp objects you'll be throwing my way.

i'm eighteen and i still get crap from my parents about hanson.


what the fuck was i thinking??!?!!?



When I was 13...I was into The Who. I wonder what I'll grow into next.

Heh. This is modern-day rebellion in action. :)

She's just kinda cute in that picture!

And I can proudly say that while I have somewhat odd taste in music I have NEVER liked the pre-fabricated nonesense. I was baffled by my friends' infatuation with NKOTB way back when.