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city songs: new york city, 10,000 - Long Island, 1

Some nifty New York songs (see post below this):

Ace Frehely - Back in the New York Groove

Fear - New York's Alright: New York's alright if you like drunks in your doorway! New York's alright if you wanna freeze to death! New York's alright if you wanna get mugged or murdered! New York's alright if you like saxophones!

Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy - The street is amazing, the hoochies unreal

The Drifters - On Broadway

Of course, there's the ultimate New York song, Sinatra's New York, New York, which will forever and always make me feel like I am standing in Yankee Stadium.

Now, there are a few songs that have something to do with Long Island. Big Audio Dynamite's Sudden Impact! is about a (supposed ritual) murder that took place on Long Island. Before that came another song about the same murder, 0-0 Where Evil Dwells by Foetus and (covered later by Fear Factory):

LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH! Where evil dwells, Northport, L.I.
mutilation murder, grisly sacrificial slaughter
knights of the black circle, stabbed him in the woods

Well, if that's the best we can do for Long Island, then this place is fucked.

[I'm not finished yet]


No Interpol?

I'm disappointed :)

I have a vague memory that a Blue Oyster Cult song may have referenced a town on L.I.

That ain't much to go on, I know, and I could be wrong.

Didn't Billy Joel have a song titled "A New York State of Mind"? And why do the Rockefellers associate this state of mind with stress?

But your iced tea is pretty cool. Isn't that enough?

It's not "about" Long Island, but in Billy Joel's "Billy the Kid," he references "from a town known as Oyster Bay, Long Island..."

I was going to say "what no Billy Joel?" but someone beat me to it? Of course Miami 2017 is really about NY.
What about the Drifters , Up on the Roof?
Ben E. King Spanish Harlem?
The Eagles, nah forget about it ,something about the Eagles singing about a New York minute doesn't ring true.

Hmmm, doesn't the Buttafuoco Boogie classify as a Long Island song?

Oh wait, that is not a song, that is just what you call it when some old married man fucks around on his wife with some dumb bimbo teenager. ;)

Fountains of Wayne put out an album called Utopia Parkway, which is in Queens, with Long Island references in the songs "Laser Show" ("... and then we'll head back home on the LIE") and "It Must Be Summer" ("I call your mother, on Long Island Sound....")

If you're talking Billy Joel and Long Island, then you have to talk about 'Downeaster Alexa' which is about the troubles of being a commercial fisherman.

There are mentions of Block Island Sound, Montauk, and Gardiner's Bay.

Don't make me dig up a Kate Bush song from her Red Shoes abum. Not that I have it or anything..but I know there's a reference to New York in one of the songs. The only reason I remember it is because she sings about being in New York and she's NEVER been to the US let alone NY. Not that I know that or thought it hysterical when I didn't hear her sing that line in that song that I don't even know about...

Black 47's "Rockin' The Bronx" (and several other Black 47 songs for that matter)
Seanchai's "718 Baby"

yeah, they're obscure, but they're about NYC.

By the way, that Ace Frehley song is one of my absolute favorites... I used to love when he came to Providence (or just about anywhere, for that matter... check out the live version on Loaded Deck) and he'd change it to "Back in the Providence groove"

New York City, written by Cub, performed by They Might Be Giants.

That is all.

For NYC songs, I think Lou Reed.

"A hustle here and a hustle there, New York City is the place where they say 'hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.' "

Another Billy Joel song - Scenes From An Italian Resteraunt - the resteraunt lyics were written about Christiano's in Syosset and he mentions the Village Greeen in Levittown not far from where I lived in Hicksville... Just thought I'd add that.

well, someone beat me to both "New York City" as covered by They Might Be Giants, and "Utopia Parkway" by Fountains of Wayne.

FoW also have a song called "Fire Island" on their new album (which also features songs with references to Hackensack, the Port Authority, the Tappan Zee Bridge and other tri-state landmarks). Right now it's in my top 5 best albums of the year.

The Only Living Boy In New York by simon and Garfunkle one of their best!

My "nyc" playlist in iTunes:

"Manhatã" Caetano Veloso
"N.Y. State of Mind" Nas
"New York City" Gil Scott-Heron
"New York City Boy" Pet Shop Boys
"Brooklyn" Mos Def
"New York Minute" Herbie Hancock
"New York, New York" Ryan Adams
"What New York Couples Fight About" Morcheeba (feat. Kurt Wagner)
"New York City Cops" The Strokes
"The Brooklynites" Soul Coughing
"Native New Yorker" Odyssey
"NYC" Interpol
"Englishman in New York" Sting
"Brooklyn Movements" Da Bush Babees
"Manhattan" Herbie Hancock

this is a great site, it's refreshing that people still like to write songs about this
beautiful island!
I wish someone from this site would email me
a list of some folk artists that write songs
about life here. I hope this site continues
to support our island by staying up!
thank you.

this is a great site, it's refreshing that people still like to write songs about this
beautiful island!
I wish someone from this site would email me
a list of some folk artists that write songs
about life here. I hope this site continues
to support our island by staying up!
thank you.

this is a great site, it's refreshing that people still like to write songs about this
beautiful island!
I wish someone from this site would email me
a list of some folk artists that write songs
about life here. I hope this site continues
to support our island by staying up!
thank you.

Danoe The Television Clown Proud I am to say I’m in the lyrics of a song titled Providence: A Renaissance City along with Tony, The Dancing Cop, Big Nazo puppets, and other performing artists associated with the city’s renaissance. This rockin’ song is written by Ron Bianco and recently recorded by
The Band: Providence.
I’m asking friends and costumers to e-mail, or call, these radio stations to request this song. This World famous song celebrating the city is also the lead into my TV show.

103.7 FNX Radio
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Danoe The Clown’s Tv Show Airs
Channel 13 - state wide R.I. Wednesdays 3:00 pm
Channel 18 - Providence Tuesdays 3:30 pm
Saturdays 5:30 pm
(Providence includes, No. Providence, Warwick, West Warwick, East Greenwich, and Coventry. )
www.danoetheclown.com danoetheclown@aol.com

A Renaissance City
Ron Bianco

There is a city on the east coast of the USA
It’s a renaissance town in its own special way.
It’s got an East side, West side, South and North, of course.
A Federal Hill, a Smith Hill, and a College Hill.
It’s the capitol city of Rhode Island.

There’s Providence College an’ Johnson & Wales
Rhode Island School of Design . . . An’ Brown University !

We say ‘cah’ and ‘bah’ and the young say
‘Whassup’ , ‘Just chillin’ , and ‘Latah’ ,
An’ ‘You know what I’m sayin’ .

There’s Big Nazo puppets, an’ Roomful of Blues,
AS220, and our very own band providence

Would you believe we’ve got a cop who dances in the street
And there’s Danoe the clown, an auguste-face clown,
Who got all the kids juggling in his neighborhood.
We got Waterplace Park with rivers and gondolas.
Can you imagine we got gondolas ?
And carriages being drawn by the horse.
And them trolley cars with no cables
Bring us back to times of fables.

It’s a renaissance city
Providence - Providence - Providence

Danoe The Clown , sending e-mails to 1,000 of clowns,
Jugglers, mime, city of Providence employees, friends, and family
To request the Providence song, to be played on the air waves.
I Like your web site, please check out mine www.danoetheclown.com geocities.com/biancoentertainment

Song ,Poem ,or a Rap, Title: Danoe the clown, Providence City Clown
Danoe the clown, the Providence city, city, city clown.
Clowning clowning.
Haaaa haaaa.
Danoe the clown, don’t frown.
You auguste face clown.
Auguste face clown.
He so neat, {pause}
with an incredible beat,
You can feel it in your feet.
Danoe the clown has a style,
that will, always make you smile.
And {pause) when you smile, you will feel complete
With his a cherry red nose,
That projects in your heart.
Danoes little bike,
that every kid,
Young and old,
would like that bike for their own.
Own clowny clowny,
your so zany.
Oh clowny clowny,
we love your style, That always make us smile..
So Danoe the clown,
you city, silly, city, smiley city clown, don’t frown.
Danoe, don’t frown, don’t frown,
You august face clown.
Oh clowny clowny when your sad , were said to, cause clowny clowny we love you
Clowny clowny you’re a street clown, not a circus clown,
But you delights us, you invite us, as you tickle our imaginations, as the balloons dance below our feet.
So Danoe the clown, Don’t frown you auguste faced clown.
You august face clown.
Auguste auguste auguste face clown.
Clowning’ clowning ‘ clowning.
Haaaa, haaaa, haaaa, are you series, are you cereal, haaaa, haaaa.
Clowning, clowning ,clowning.
batod tod tod dod dod dod dod.
Clowning, clowning, clowning.
Batod tod tod dod dod dod dod.

Danoe love New York
Two years ago, on March 17,1998, I was at the New York City Saint Patrick Day Parade. That day it felt like summer. I was standing by a large group of people, when suddenly I heard loud cheering. That was when I saw Mayor Gulliani. I too began screaming his name and when he saw me, he ran over to me. It was wild; he shoved his security man out of the way to reach me! At that moment, that single solitary moment, he shook my hand. All the TV reporters took photos of the Mayor and me. I was dressed as an Irish clown, and you could see the smile on Mayor Gulliani's face. There were many other people in this photo, and their eyes showed wonder as the most famous mayor in the whole world shook Danoe the Clown's hand. I made a lot of friends that day, and I hope to see them next Saint Patrick's Day. I wondered if my picture would be in the newspapers the next day, so that night, when I came back to R.I, I called the New York Mayor's office, and they sent a copy of the parade photo.
Danoe in the News

Danoe the clown went around the world with associated press!

Daniel Mann from Providence, R.I., comes to 5th Ave. in New York, to watch the St. Patrick's Day Parade Wednesday, March 17, 2004 wearing his best green.
(AP Photo)

March 17, 2004

In a message dated 10/1/2004 9:36:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time, DANOETHECLOWN writes:

A Summer Celebration

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is in regards to the wonderful entertainer, Danoe the Clown. As the chairman of the daytime entertainment, and past co-chairman of Cumberlandfest (a summer celebration in Cumberland, RI) for many years, I can only express high praises for Danoe. His performances this year were outstanding and his ability to create audience participation is remarkable.

The show Danoe performed at Cumberlandfest was geared for children but certainly included parents and grandparents. Everyone young and old enjoyed the silly comments, the jokes, the music, and Danoe, doing what he does best, “clowning around”.

I have booked many acts over the years, and Danoe is probably the easiest and most pleasant to work with. He is always accommodating and professional in his approach to the business part of his work. I would highly recommend Danoe as a performer and after the many comments I received at this year’s fest, I expect that Danoe will be a fixture at future Cumberlandfests.


Frank Geary



From: DANOETHECLOWN@aol.com [mailto:DANOETHECLOWN@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 1:34 AM
To: dmitry@webmagnifique.com
Subject: Re: FW: can you open this file, for me i can't

I can't open the file, can you email it open

Bob I'm looking forward to this special event, God bless you and Zach, for this Christmas gift that you but together, for all the children, you put I smile on their faces. Merry Chirstmass Daniel Mann AKA DanoeThe Clown. http://www.danoetheclown.com/ providencedancingcop.com Tony Lepore
bob@bobsadventures.com writes:

Welcome to the

11th Annual


TELETHON 'live' on Ch 70

Tuesday Dec 7th 5 - 9pm WARWICK MALL

Join: Bob & Zach

With possible special guests:


Wendy Cicchetti, John DeLuca, Mark Searles

Jim Hummel

NBC 10

Gene Valicenti, Frank Carpano, Frank Colletta, Kelley McGee, Mario Hilario, Barbara Morse, Brian Crandall & Larry Estepa, Ted Daniels, Jim Corbin

CBS 12

Steve Aveson, Karen Adams, Tony Petrarca,

TJ DelSanto,

Patrick Little & Glen Laxton


Steve Kass, Arlene Violet, John DePetro, Myrna Lamb, Dan Yorke, Ron St Pierre & Jen, Paul & Al

Big John Bina


Billy Musto, Robert Black, Barry Russo,

Jerilyn Sawyer, Matt Thomas, Loriana DeCrescenzo


Tony ‘the Dancing Cop, Don Rodrigues

Miss RI & Teen RI, Danoe the Clown, PAWS - PawSox, Sam Horn, Oil Can Boyd, Mike Schuster,the Parrotheads, Sheriff Tom Hodgson, General Centracchio, Trooper Matt Zarrella, RWU President Roy Nirchal, survivor - Helen Glover , Dr Paul Koch, Dr Robert Leanard, Dr Scott Holtzman, Southwick Zoo

We are hoping to get help from many restaurants including:

Chelo's, Johnny Rockets, Applebees, Long Horn Steakhouse, Luigi's, 15 point Rd, Charlie O's, Mozzarella's, Subway, Twin Oaks, Cathy Garden, Benjamin's and more……

Bring new, ‘unwrapped’ toys to the Warwick Mall on Tuesday 5 - 9pm

Hi folks!

This is it. The biggest, most important event of the year for me and Zachary! We honor the memory of my dad and my older brother

I need help promoting our annual Victor J. Venturini Toys for Tots Telethon at the Warwick Mall 5pm to 9pm on Dec 7th. This is our 11th show with the Marines and several TV & radio friends Plus: Tony 'the Dancing Cop', Paws (Pawsox), singers Billy Musto, Robert Black & Jerilyn Sawyer

Please join me & Zachary at the Warwick Mall on

Tuesday - Dec 7th 5pm - 9pm at the foodcourt.

Call me if you want to help! Or Send an email RSVP

Start a collection at your workplace.

Remember, Toys for Tots is the truest of charities. 100% of what you give goes to the kids. 100%

ps: This is very important to me! And it is even more important to the kids that get toys on Christmas day!

Bob Venturini
401 529-9950