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26 things (almost)

How did it get to be August 1st already?

Today is the day that those participating in the 26 things project are supposed to put up their photos. I'm almost there. More than halfway, even.

I'll get the rest up later today but, for now, here's 15 things.

If you click on the "read the rest of the story" link, you can see the subject that each category falls into (for those unfamiliar with the project, we were given 26 subjects to take photos of in July), and an explanation for #3, which is a crappy photo but one which I chose anyhow.

Eventually, I'll put these all in album form on another page.

1. Communication
2. Authority
3. Empty - This is a terrible photo. It was taken from a car when I was traveling over the bridge. While the photo is not good quality, the New York City skyline defines the word empty for me.
4. Food
5. Light
6. Me
7. Signage
8. Sunset
9. Sound
10. Weather
11. Water
12. Color
13. Transport
14. Time
15. Little Things


Nice pics. If I had known about this earlier I might have tried doing it, too. Oh well, there's always next time for me, but you, my dear, take very nice photos. And my favorite of these 15? The fish. They're pretty darn cute.

For cold, slimy little suckers, that is.

I think my favorite is the picture of your palm. It made me look at my own hand and wonder how much could be deduced about me from the lines, scars, rings, and the shapes of my fingers.

My favorite is the one of Natalie. Could any person ever sport a more genuine expression of teenage angst? Please don't tell her I think so, but she is just about as cute as a bug's ear. I just want to hug her.


Love the kissing fish! That's an awesome picture. Your sunset one is lovely too.

Mine are no where near ready to be uploaded yet. I've been procrastinating a tad bit too...

loved the photos.

i can't decide which one's my favourite...

they all say so much.