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just saying

I'm busy sorting my photos for 26 Things, which I really should have done by now. Ever the procrastinator, I am.

Anyhow, I came across a prescient photo. Remember the cannibal hamster we had, who fornicated his wife to death? Remember his name was Kobe?


[click for giant rodent size]


Is it me, or does that hamster have a very scary look in his eyes?


I feel your pain. We had a cannibal gerbil that ate each of it's babies, one by one.

Yum, I need to go find me som' chikin'.

That is one evil looking hamster.

Don't let Michael see it. He may write a song.

Ok, I've heard about tea leaves... but prescient hamsters?!?

What ever happened to that hamster? Anyway... looking forward to seeing your 26 things. Mine were a mixed bag, but I've been told that i'm cute from the "you" pic.

I had a mouse have babies once. Had 9 of them, didn't eat any of them and they all grew up into normal adult mice.

Hmmm, prescient hamsters, maybe you should call that crazy pet psychic lady.

If we'd just permit hamster marriages then they couldn't fornicate to death.