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There is nothing better than coming home from work and ripping your bra off.

Better than even crack, I tell you.

Speaking of things as good as crack: Lee was always one of my favorite bloggers; a wonderful writer with a great sense of humor. She disappeared into the blog void and she's thinking of coming back. She says if we can get 100 people to leave a comment on this post, she will come back and we will all be better for it, I swear. She's a beautiful woman with a heart of gold and her blog will always be worth reading. So come on minions, even if you don't plan on reading her, go leave a comment on my behalf so she comes back.


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True dat.

There is nothing better than coming home from work and ripping your bra off, except perhaps coming home from work and have someone else rip your bra off.


Is that what's relly behind the cross -dressing thing?

Or maybe getting home from work and ripping someone else's bra off.

Better than even crack, I tell you.

*Nothing worse than an uneven crack.

**Cept maybe a stanky one.

Nothing indeed. Letting the girls loose, the highlight of my day.

I can't wait to get home and let my man boobies out of my bra.

I hear ya. For me that'd be getting out of the monkey suit that is work clothing.

And no, I don't stand on a street corner in a giant monkey costume distributing coupons to the circus. :-P

For me, it's far more liberating to sashay through the door and tear that fucking cock ring off my shaft. Man, that's freedom!

In the immortal words of Carnac the Magnificient...

Answer: Yassar Arafat

Qustion: What is the sound heard when Dolly Parton takes her bra off?

Gephardt, Kerry and Dolly: A couple of huge boobs and a country-western singer.

I dunno, crack is pretty darn good.

Ripping bra's off is great, whether it's ones own or belong's to someone else!

Hey Dave, if you are going to emulate my multiple footnoting thing, learn to do it right. ;) Let me show you how it is done*:

Not having tits worth a damn**, I don't need no damn bra, but would love to have anyone wearing one, provided she looks a lot like annika,*** to be there when I got home.****

Tiger, the absolute funniest guy in the Blogosphere, or was that the funniest looking guy?

*Uh, whatever that thing was where you were supposed to be doing song lyrics, I guess that might qualify, because I am pretty sure that line is what Johnnie said to the Devil in "The Devil Goes Down to Georgia."

**Some gal once told me she thought I had a nice ass, but I am pretty sure she just wanted to get into my pants.*****

***Yes, I am one really picky motherf**ker, ain't I?

****Oh, bejeezus, but is my life pathetic or what?

*****I am pretty sure she wanted to go through the pockets to see how much money I had.

Dear Lee-

I don't know ya, but any friend of Michele's is a friend of mine. So come on back to the blogosphere. You'll feel like you just came home from work and ripped the bra off your soul.


I think you were sposed to leave the comment over there, not here.

did she have a different domain? i only remember one lee...

I feel awfully tame. I just pop open a button on my shirt and/or flip off my shoes. Boring old me.

Wouldn't it make more sense to unclasp it and be able to wear it again another day? Or is that just my Scottish blood talking?

I;m gonna comment on the other half of the post, cuz Mama doesn't like me expressing any interest in other women's bras.
Comeon back Lee, I barely discovered the blogosphere a few months ago, .

Scratching your legs after taking off stockings feels pretty good, too!

THAT'S what I've been doing wrong!

Tanya asks, "did she have a different domain? i only remember one lee..."

This Lee (there are actually several more aside from me) has had four previous domains (distantwords, simplylee, simpleeme, vonnalee), including one on freeservers many moons ago, but she is decidedly in love with the current one, and vows never to move to another (at least, not one meant for blogging). She will, instead, close up shop for months at a time, waiting for just the right moment to spring back into blogland (a suburb of the blogosphere). She chose this moment in time because all hell has broke loose in her private life, and everyone knows how well the blogging community rallies around to help lift the spirits of the poor and downtrodden of this here virtual world.

BTW, thank you, Michele. Your words of kindness, lies though they are, are the sweetest I've ever seen in reference to myself. You are, indeed, one of the finest folks I know.

You're right there's nothing like it.
when Da Goddess comes home and skillfully removes her bra with the grace of Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance" (through the shirt nothing but boob) and lets her bodacious double D's hang free, I get a wonderful sense of, well, all the blood rushes from one head to the other.

109 comments as of 5:33 AM! I think we made it :)

Insert generic comment here:


Um. I can't lounge around for long without a bra on, and tend to take it off pretty late at night.

'Cause, you know--otherwise they bounce around. And I get sweaty underneath 'em, and all that.

Though staying relatively immobile and tucking my shirt under them works okay if I'm just lounging.

If it's the wrong time of month and they're swollen, it sometimes hurts to take the bra off. No support, you understand.

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