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the anti-american left strikes again

From Front Page Mag [via Brent]

An organization calling itself the “International Occupation Watch Center” has set up shop in Baghdad with the express purpose of inciting U.S. troops to seek discharges and be sent home as conscientious objectors. It is inciting defection of troops at war by (technically) other means.

The organization is founded by none other than Medea Benjamin, Code Pink founder, supporter of Catro, and organizer of human shields. Her partner in crime is Leslie Cagan:

Cagan maintained her membership in the Communist Party even after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

So these anti-American activists are taking their show on the road, where they will physically approach soldiers and try to talk them into deserting, basically undermining the operations in Iraq.

In order to pursue their goal of beating down everything George Bush does, Medea and company have no problem engaging in tactics that will put the freedom-seeking Iraqi people at risk as they fight the opposing forces that still do exist.

The left has become the enemy of the Iraqi people, not just of America and the Bush administration.

Is that not an act of treason to go into a combat-heavy country and entice soldiers into leaving their posts? And who will take care of these soldiers when they get a discharge and suddenly find themselves without a career? Conscietous Objecters, my ass. Occupation Watch workers will find the most vulnerable, homesick soldiers and ply them with leftist propaganda and visions of being home in their own beds. The soldiers who do fall into Medea's trap will be left to fend for themselves once they agree to leave and become another notch in the left's belt.

They don't care. They just don't care about anything except tearing Bush to shreds and undermining anything America does. They are so entrenched in their deep hatred for America that they don't care about the bodies and souls they leave lying in their wake, just as long as their point is made.

The people of Iraq, most of them anyhow, want freedom. They want this to work. Trying to take that away from them in the name of your angry movement is the heigh of selfishness. And, I believe, a crime against your country.

Read the whole thing.


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All this talk about the Anti-American Left and you never mention the Pro-American Middle.

We just don't get any respect.

Amazing. Good call on the type of soldier these people intend to prey upon, IOWC appears to have done its homework. There are undoubtedly a number of soldiers with compelling personal stories who wish to see their loved ones again this group intends to target. However, I believe you overestimate their potential effectiveness among active units whose morale could be described as generally high. My guess is that the only people these activists will ensnare will be soldiers who likely would have found their way out one way or another anyway.
In short, although this is a despicable action, it is likely at best a complete waste of resources and time on the activists' parts.


This is what happens when you name your children after an insane greek murderess. Listen up, future parents of America--You might think Medea sounds all pretty and literate, but if you haven't actually READ the play you might want to do that or risk unleashing another madwoman upon the population. Seriously, Medea? What, Delilah wasn't sinister enough?

That said, I've always liked the name Annabelle Lee...

I think i'm going to be sick.
why do i still get shocked when i read about giant dung beetles like these?

As a self-proclaimed leftist, I gotta say- this is either a hoax or these people are from another planet. Number one- I have never heard of them, and I travel in circles that have been highly critical of the war in Iraq.
Number two- This is just silly. Everyone should go read this book if you want to understand what it means to oppose the war and support the troops at the same time- and also to understand, whether you support the war or not, what your responsibility (as a human being) is to combat veterans. I live near the largest infantry base in the world. I have already seen guys coming home from Afghanistan and having a hard time.

I am still having a hard time accepting that this isn't some sort of hoax.

I doubt very much this is a hoax considering what these very well known (among the far left) people have done in the past.

It takes a strong myopia to be a leftist ! Oh BTW, everybody that comes home from a foreign war has a hard time. I've heard stories from my dad after WW2. Also there were daily newspaper headlines about nutty vets in 1945-1947

I wouldn't worry about these clowns too much. The US military is made up of volunteers and professionals, the majority of whom are in their twenties and up. This is not some teenage, conscript army.

These leftist fools are so taken in by their own propoganda that they actually think that these "poor, downtrodden tools of the imperialistic running dogs" are just dying to flee into the underground.

If they can con even one soldier into deserting, I will be absolutely astounded. More than likely (if there are no witnesses close by) they are going to get their f%&$ing teeth butt-stroked out!!

As a self-proclaimed leftist, I gotta say- this is either a hoax or these people are from another planet.

As a fellow leftist, let me assure you that this is not a hoax and sadly these people are from this planet; they're just idiots. I'd rate them slightly lower than Ramsey Clark /IAC/ANSWER on the left wing stupidty scale. But only slightly. Here's an MSNBC story on the same topic.

there really isn't much to say.... except to recommend that everyone read this book


(sorry, i'm having trouble with hyperlinks today)

I wouldn't read an Ann Coulter book even if I was promised 72 virgin, sexy men for doing so.

I think these morons should put up a big sign explaining, in Arabic, that they were on the side of the Iraqi people in opposing the American invasion.
Let the Iraqis whose relatives were disappeared into the Baathist maw deal with them.
Think it will be tea and flowers?

Two anti-war types, dressed in hemp and smelling of patchouli – they’ll probably remind the Iraqis of the human shields, who were not loved over there.

Add that to the fact that they'll be wandering around combat zones…bet there's a Darwin Award in their future..


Medea wasn't born wirth the name. She changed it to Medea. Which really makes it worse than simple ignorance... But what can you expect from a post-Berlin Wall card-carrying communist?

Medea Benjamin? She's a famous Green from SF who ran for Senate!!! She was on every radio show around here for a while (especially on KPFA). That's no hoax, people!

Anyway she's pretty nutty, but I have to say this all sounds so micky mouse and harmless compared with the ISM who were caught hiding terrorists and protecting weapons caches. Ever see all those pictures of Rachel Correy screaming and burning US flags for the kids?

michele, there's one archiologist who's claiming that the Koran was mistranslated from Aramaic and all those mayrters were actually promised a bowl with 72 white raisins. That's right, it's the ancient two scoops .

Would you read Coulter for Raisin Bran?

Can't those idiots be deported as some sort of security risk?

And... isn't "incitement to commit a felony" (desertion is a felony, I believe) a crime in and of itself?

I dunno... I'm just asking....

What scares me is the word "occupation".

The Arab world has turned the word "occupation" into an excuse for mass murder of innocents and eternal war..

We want Iraqis thinking about a future as successful (and peaceful) as, say Germany.

Instead we have these assholes pushing us into an intefada!

If I understand this right, they won't be trying to get soldiers to desert, but to apply for discharges, no crime there. I do suspect that, depending on where in Iraq they go, they're in for a rough time. If they go to northern Iraq, Kurd country, if the Kurds find out what they're doing, they'll probably off them. No big loss.
If they go to the Sunni Triangle, the Baathists will probably use them as an easy target. No big loss.
If they go to Southern Iraq, Shia'ite country, and the Shia's find out what they're up to, they'll probably off them.
The Kurds and the Shia's both, according to what I've heard, are not afraid we'll stay but are afraid we'll leave too soon.
As a matter of fact, I would suspect that a lot of the people in the Sunni Triangle don't want us to go, they're afraid of the Shia and Kurds.
BTW, the Left isn't just an enemy of the Iraqis and the Americans, they're the deadly enemy of anyone who wishes a decent life.

I hope a bunch of our troops beat the ever loving hell out of this Medea chick. And, if they go to the wrong people on accident and try this crap with them, they will get their asses kicked, or worse, which would be funny to witness. :)

dear peter,
Did u kno that some of the biggest patriots of this country's history were liberals? Thomas Jefferson, most well known, would have totally opposed Bush's war loving policies, not to mention his apathy for this country's freedom, seen best in the patriot act. What all u republicans/brainwashed ppl don't understand is that liberals have ensured the freedoms of the ppl for generations, and just b/c u don't agree with them now is no reason to hate them. Btw, Bush is and has been friends with the taliban, Bin laudens, and Saudis for years. Plus his dad gave bio weapons to use on Iran years ago. If anyone is a terrorist and murderer, it is Goerge Bush.