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movie time with ben and j-lo

After reading the reviews of the new J-Lo/Affleck fiasco, Gigli, I couldn't help myself.


Doesn't the star of this movie look just like Chris Pirillo?

UPDATE: This post has has been the cause of great concern byDavid.

It is apparent that although she is brilliant, Michele is very disturbed. Terrifying warning signals reverberate through this post. There are references to bestiality, cannibalism, and homophobic slurs against Jennifer Lopez. It is apparent to me after her open references to drugs and alcohol on her blog that she is an aloholic and a drug addict and I am deeply concerned. I hope for her and her childrens' sake she seeks help soon.

God, I feel for those kids.

David, perhaps I should try Zoloft? Get a grip on myself? Take the chip off of my shoulder? Stop whining? Pray tell, guide me oh special one before I do something drastic, like eat more kittens for their bloooood!


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Quit your day job and head for Hollywood, now!

I will hereby bless and revere the day Michele discovered DFilm--whatever it was--forever.

I have only one complaint:

They didn't both die in the end.

I thought he kinda looked like Dubya.
With Chris' cheeks.

I wonder if Chris gave them permission to license his image... ;)

It really does look like him from the side, not so much from the front though...

From this week's Onion:

Gigli Focus Groups Demand New Ending In Which Both Affleck And Lopez Die

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Focus groups at advance screenings for Gigli, a romantic comedy starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez set to open nationwide July 30, have demanded a new ending in which both stars die "in as brutal a manner as possible," sources at Sony Pictures said Tuesday.


I liked the Jack Skellington cameo.

Please, Michele, if not for your own sake, for Natlaie, DJ and Justin. Seek help.



...she is an aloholic...

Do you travel to Hawaii more than twice a year?
Do you have a collection of little paper umbrellas?
Do you make sure to keep stocks of pineapple and coconut on hand?
Have you ever enjoyed poi?

Then you may be an alohalic!

Get help! Contact us at

Alohalics Unanimous
50 Surfer Dude Lane
U'ue'ea'a, HI 99999

No, Angie, she's an aloeholic.

It's the lotions, dammit!

Hey, Michele, NOBODY reads that slow. Less time between word balloons, please.

That was truly disturbing.

This one of the zillion reasons I read Michele...of course you know you're like a major influence on me.

Yeah, it's all your fault.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I have just one problem with this little film. J-Lo is missing about 30 lbs of glutius maximus.

Maybe I missed it. Did she get an ass-ectomy or something ?

You, my dear, are a visionary!

Ironically, this clip probably has gotten more viewers than the movie it was based on. You could have pocketed the movie's budget and charged viewers a penny to see it...and still made more money than Ben Affleck!


That is truely disturbing. Do it again!

I slagged off J-Lo a few months ago and got some vicious comments from a very-gay fanatic.

J-Lobotomy is a my new name for that twit.

But Andrew, she BEAT A MAN TO DEATH in that freaky movie that Michele and I both happened to catch.

Like, she's so feminist cool, man. It was her mean, wife-beating husband, after all.

Gawd, what a horrible movie.

Forget Giggli or Giggilo or whatever that waste of celluloid is called, Let's all go see Freddy VS J-Lo...I mean Jason hehe Of course I am betting on Freddy beating J-Lo.

Ol Ben tanked his "career" the minute he hooked up with that sleaze. Good riddance.

Jennifer Lopez is a great looking woman. Ben is LUCKY to have her! :)

Jennifer Lopez is a great looking woman. Ben is LUCKY to have her! :)