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cut it out! - a guide to shortened cartoons (and a fun request)

[via Ultimate Insult]

Poor Bugs Bunny. We'll never know for sure how many of his lines, and those of his buddies, have fallen to the cutting room floor in the name of political correctness, but we get a good idea of the cuts from Censored Looney Tunes.

Granted, some of the cut scenes were completely offensive, albeit a product of their time. But some of them reek of the culture of non-responsibility, wherein behaviors seen on television might cause a viewer to repeat those behaviors, thus engaging in something they shouldn't, causing havoc, and then turning around and suing the creators of the program and/or the television station that aired it for putting those nasty ideas in their head in the first place.

The following are all scenes that have actually been cut from cartoons. The reasons given are made up by me, of course, but that doesn't mean they don't have a basis in reality.

"Apes of Wrath" (Freleng; 1959): ABC: The entire beginning sequence wherein the drunken stork clubs Bugs on the head to substitute him for the real baby ape was gone. Also edited was the mother gorilla running after her husband and bashing his head with a rolling pin. Further, scenes of Bugs "playfully" hitting Elvis with a stick were shortened.

Reason: May cause children to believe that storks bring babies, thus making the whole concept of pre-k sex education confusing.

"Baby Buggy Bunny" (Jones; 1954): ABC: The scene wherein Bugs puts Baby Face Finster in the washing machine after Finster has played with the "dirty money" was removed from this cartoon. Also gone was Bugs throwing Finster up in the air, saying, "Oh dear, I do believe I have forgotten my fudge," walking away, and letting Finster land flat on his face; the cut was done so that it appeared that Finster fell from atop a bookshelf. Deleted too was Bugs learning painfully the truth about Finster's "toy" gun. "Yeesh, some toy!"

Reason: The censors did not have the sense of humor required to understand that this was one of the best episodes ever. May cause adults to abuse children or launder money.

"Beep, Beep!" (Jones; 1952): Nickelodeon: In the original version of this cartoon, Wile E. Coyote falls off of a cliff and before he hits gorge bottom, he swallows two Aspirin. Nickelodeon removed the Aspirin.

Falling off of a cliff is all fine and dandy, kids. But whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE THE ASPIRIN! Good thing we realized in time that aspirin is a gateway drug.

"One Froggy Evening" (Jones; 1955): ABC: The sign that reads, "Free Beer," that is placed outside of the theatre in the man's attempt to attract customers was excised. WB: Same edit as on ABC.

Reason: The beer industry issued a cease and desist letter to Warner Brothers.

"Fright Before Christmas" (Freleng; 1979): ABC: Missing was the Tasmanian Devil eating Christmas tree bulbs and chain lights and electrifying himself as Bugs reads Clyde's "brief" Christmas want list that includes a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde chemical set.

Reason: The ACLU was concerned that this clip would suggest that only Catholics and Christians could electrocute themselves during the holiday season.

And now, for the interactive fun portion of the blog!

There's more, more, more where these came from. There's also another site with a list of cuts. Go find one of the deleted scenes and come up with your own reason for the cut. Come on, make me laugh so I can forget that Friday is so far away.

Oh, and go watch Wakkiki Wabbit, one of the best episodes ever. W're gonna have woast wabbit!

UPDATE: Phil has the good news that they will be releasing the uncut, uncensored versions of the MM and LT cartoons on DVD in October.


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I love the classic uncut Bugs bunny and pals. Where he's off in the jungle and puts plates in his mouth and a spring on his neck to look like the african women? hahaha lmao. Some of the stuff they did would be and I'm sure has been cut to shreds these days. Too bad we didn't think ahead to tape them all huh?

Censored cartoons...?


Oy! PC gone MAD.

But if you are going to send readers to the page to view a classic Bugs cartoon, it's GOTTA be Falling Hare. The one with the gremlin is laugh out loud funny. Probably my favorite bugs of all time.

When were these censored? They showed these bits in their entirety when I was a kid (which, as far as I'm concerned, was a very short time ago, late '80's to mid-90's... am I getting old already?). The drunken stork bit complete with the spanking and rolling-pin beatings and whacking with sticks was included as part of the mother's day special. I'm confused...

My favorite cut scene is when Elmer is hunting Bugs in a television studio, and he stumbles across Bugs in a Groucho Marx outfit in a game show format.

BUGS (AS GROUCHO): Welcome, welcome to You Beat Your Wife. Say the magic word and win $1,000. What's your name, sir, and what do you do?

ELMER: Elmer Fudd. I'm a hunter. I'm hunting a wabbit. A cwazy fwesh wabbit.

BUGS: Well, Mr. Fudd, for $1,000, would you stop beating your wife?

ELMER: Well, yes. . . I, I mean no! I mean, well, that is I never. . .

BUGS: Well, while you're making up your mind, I'm going to go slip out of these wet clothes, and into a dry martini, eh?

Reasons why this scene no longer exists? Well, hmmmm, let's see. Could it be the wife beating references? Quite possibly, but it's still a laugh-out-loud scene.

Oh yes, and the free beer sign was still included when the WB was a new network and showed "One Froggy Evening" every night. That was only a few years ago, wasn't it?

Perhaps I should include a visual. Here ya go.

"The Rabbit of Seville". The shaving scene was removed by CBS many years ago. "Scream and yell and rant and rave, it's no use, you need a shaaaave."

Uncensored version: After the lyrics, a shot of Bugs with a straight razor in hand, hacking back and forth vigorously, while an off-camera Elmer shouts "ouch! oooh! aaah! ouch!" in time with the strokes.

Censored version: The hacking is simply deleted, and the raw ends are spliced together. Lousy editing job, and removal of a really good gag.

Reason: Increasing corporate sponsorship by Norelco. The head of Norelco had a fetish about straight razors, and would spring uncontrollable and inappropriate wood when the sequence aired, traumatizing his children. He forced the cut on CBS, after a court psychologist recommended avoidance of such viewings.

"Hare Splitter" (Freleng; 1948):

ABC: This was censored. When Casbah becomes wise to Bugs' trickery, he says, "You can't fool me no more. You're dat screwy rabbit," and readies to punch Bugs. Bugs dons a pair of glasses and says, "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses on, would you?" Casbah responds by delivering a punch into Bugs' eyes, breaking the glasses, and Bugs utters, "You know, I believe he would."

Reason: This implies that people wearing glasses are somehow disadvantaged and deserving of special treatment.

CN: After the novelty-carrot-induced explosive kiss between Bugs and Daisy Lou, is a deletion of their responses of, "What a man!" and "What a woman!" The scene cuts to the two rabbits happily jumping around the room.

Reason: This scene is clearly misleading to younger audiences on a number of levels. Firstly, it implies that rabbits are equivalent to people and that is clearly wrong. Secondly, it implies that men and women kiss each other. This blatant display of heterosexuality is a clear example of the Christian right trying to force its moral values on the rest of the population and can't be tolerated.

All these censored cartoons, yet they still screen Itchy and Scratchy... the world has truly gone mad.

I've never seen any of those deleted, and I hope not to. Especially Rabbit of Seville. That's one of my favorites.

I wonder what they replaced the "Free Beer" sign with? "All Nude Girls?" After all, that's the only way he got anyone into the theatre to see the frog, and they did stampede.

Good news: WB is finally going to start releasing their classic MM and LT cartoons on DVD in October, and they're uncut and uncensored. See here.

Good news, Phil. But will we ever be allowed to watch Song of the South? I never got to see it.

Last year sometime a cable channel (History? A&E?) released "Wartime Cartoons". I taped this, but unfortunately I taped it from Australian TV, which means I can't watch it until I get it converted.

In "Blitz Wolf", there's a scene where he's attacking one of the pigs' houses---I think it's the brick house. And there's a sign on the door which seems to read "No #### Allowed". But it's been deliberately blurred out, and I don't know who's not allowed. This despite the fact that those cartoons were supposed to be uncut.

(That show also had the wonderful Gremlins attacking Hitler cartoon, and the one where Bugs takes a wrong turn at Albuqoique and ends up in the Black Forest with Goering. "Does your tobacco taste different lately?" )

In "Blitz Wolf", there's a scene where he's attacking one of the pigs' houses---I think it's the brick house. And there's a sign on the door which seems to read "No #### Allowed". But it's been deliberately blurred out, and I don't know who's not allowed. This despite the fact that those cartoons were supposed to be uncut.

Considering who "Blitz Wolf" is supposed to be, probably the two censored candidates are "Jews" or "Japs".


You're missing one REALLY big edit. an entire episode. I got it off Kazaa. It's called "Bugs Bunny nips the nips" it's a WW2 cartoon. Bugs lands on island and proceeds to take care of the japanese problem there. It's like the "Daffy the Commando" episode except it's bugs and japanese. I have yet to ever see this episode anywhere on TV. at all. By the way, Daffy the Commando was one of his best. I mean, c'mon, what could be funnier than Daffy hitting Hitler on the head with a mallet?

" I wish... I wish...I...wish I was in Dixie, hooray, hooray, "

They cut that ending right out. Sad. I'm glad they are putting them on DVD.

"There was nothing left for the Scarlet Pumpernickle to do, but blow his brains out. Which he did." BANG

another ending cut short.

the thing i don't get in the logic of this all, generations of kids since WW2 have been growing up with this and we never came to school armed to the teeth. we never tried dropping anvils on each other. how do they explain that? do they even bother? about the only explination i can come up with is that they figure kids today are just plain morons. they must think your kids have no brain capacity what-so-ever so i guess we should at least control what the TV shows since the sheep will do its bidding. so i guess if i were a parent, i'd be pissed at their ASSUMPTION that i raised a dumbass.

Actually, I recall seeing "Bugs Nips the Nips" on cable television in DC at some point. Couldn't tell you where, though.

Ah, that nasty word "nip". Maybe that's why McHale's Navy is no longer in syndication.

There are I think 12, or something like that, toons that they will never, ever show, because they're offensive. I think it's crap -- I don't care if they're offensive, they're historical artifacts and well-crafted works of animation. They should show them all, with disclaimers if necessary. The best we've gotten so far is the Toonheads: Wartime Cartoons special, where they showed clips of the least-bad ones.

If you're more interested in this, try going to www.cartoonresearch.com or the Toonzone forums -- lots of info to be found there.

"Oh we're the boys of the chorous, we hope you like our show, we know you're rootin for us, but now we have to goooo"

God, I love Looney Tunes. Racism and all hehe

Actually, alot of the "offensive" LT cartoons weren't that offensive. I mean, sure, there were alot of sterotypes, but there were just as many white sterotypes as there were others. It was supposed to be funny, and they pulled no punches, and that's offensive to liberal's "delicate" sensabilities. Oh cry me a freakin river.

I've seen the aforementioned "Nips" cartoon on the laser discs that were issued by WB in the early nineties. I do hope these DVD collections are as complete as the laser discs were.

Now when are we gonna get the complete "Electrawoman and Dynagirl" on DVD? (Or any Krofft shows in their entirety?)

A number of Road Runner cartoons are seldom/never shown - because they rely on reading. Not sure if the nannies don't want kids to be upset at not being able to read. or don't want parents to have to watch cartoons with their kids.

And I've heard that the "uncut" Fantasia has at least one big cut: the scenes wherein the black unicorn maid is shown with her white unicorn boss.

Expanding, Charlie Chan is no longer acceptable because none of the five actors who played him were Oriental: that he did and does provide a good role model is lost. Similarly, Mr. Moto, even though it showed a pro Japanese image.

Or the TV version of Amos 'n' Andy because the radio version used white actors.

Big Snooze: Bugs takes pills (or tonic, don't remember which) to enter Elmer's dream and get him to return to his job at Warner Bros. Scene of Bugs ingesting drug removed.

Show Biz Bugs: Cartoons ends with Daffy performing a suicidal "Swallow Explosives and Match" act. Cartoon Network removes the Ending entirly.

If Political Correctness continues the way it's going, Every Looney tune aired on TV will end up like "September in The Rain" (Opening Title, Closing title and little else)

Baby Buggy Bunny Spanking Picture