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fact and fiction, part 2

I mentioned the other day that I am re-reading Nelson DeMille's The Lion's Game.

I picked up the book tonight and hit this passage, whrere the fugitive-on-a-jihad Kahlil is in a taxi cab with a compatriot:

"If you look that way, sir, to your right, you will see lower Manhattan, what they call the Financial District. You will notice the two very tall and identical towers."

Kahlil lookeed at the massive buildings of lower Manhattan, which seemed to rise out of the water. He saw the two towers of the World Trade Cener and appreciated Jabbar pointing them out. Kahlil said, "Maybe next time."

Jabbar smiled and replied, "God willing."

That was written in 2000.

I put the book down and looked for something else to read.



But, the target was predictable.
It was bombed before.
The value of the World Trade Center did not diminish because of the first failure to take it out.

I just wish the government had realized this sooner and had taken greater measures to defend it.

The findings from the recently declassified Congressional Report indicate that it was very possible to have prevented the attacks of 9-11.

I'm not sure that the US government could've done anything to stop those attacks. If they had put together increased security in airports before that horrific day they would probably have been seen as scare-mongering... no?

Anyhoo, spooky stuff to read.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

I was browsing through our pictures from our 2000 wedding in NYC and ran across a beautiful photo of the lower Manhattan skyline Mike had taken from the Staten Island Ferry....we were on our way back over from getting married. I remember thinking at the time the skyline was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen.

It took me quite a while yesterday to stop crying....but I'll never stop being angry.

I read that book about a year ago.
My conclusion: they should recruit DeMille as an analyst.