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i smell a rat

I deleted this post for various reasons. Mostly, because it was petty. I should have taken my concerns directly to Cat instead of going out in the open here.

Also, many of the commenters are right on the money: The point was to raise money for MDA, which we did, with great results. Nothing else should matter.


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Umm...that SUCKS, quite frankly. Anyone who knows diddly about Magen David Adom knows that they help injured and sick people, regardless of religious affiliation.

I think that the situation as you describe it is miiiighty fishy. Never to mention the #1 fundraiser? Umm...what's the problem, here?

I think you guys deserve an apology or something.

Just to clarify -- they never mentioned you where? In the main blog they had?

That is so sad. I hope the organizers would relize that all the money is helping good causes (respectfully) and that they choice to acknoledge some they should start with the top and work there way down.

Michele--I've been dropping comments over at Lair's on the same issue. I think we need to do a little more checking and see what the heck is going on.

Off to snoop a little bit...

she might be just a wee bit hacked at being called an anti-semite by everyone and their brother for not remembering to list mda as a possible charity.

or, maybe she is one. what the hell do i know?

um...where are you guys not mentioned?

and you know tanya, she didn't list MDA, but sure as hell included Amnsety Internatiional. Ick.

i'm not justifying her not listing mda, faith, but i don't think it makes her anti-semitic by default either.

you can't remember to list everyone, and amnesty international is a hugely popular charity. for some reason. shudder

That sucks the big one. I donated to both MDA and AI (through Pandagon), and if anyone I knew had been sponsoring Doctors Without Borders, I would have donated to that worthy cause as well. But I suspect that at least one of those blogs was a phony.

And you three deserve enormous credit for raising as much as you did, and in such entertaining ways.

And I just emailed them with some questions, especially about the "blog" that doesn't appear to have an entry pre-blogathon day.

Yes, I suspect a phony as well.

Which matters most? The recognition or your cause? You raised a lot of money and you should be proud.

Throughout history, a lot of people remained in the shadow of their cause, but still made a difference. THAT's what matters!

Well, ya can't mention everyone, but Magen David Adom should get more exposure for their fine work. Amnesty International, wonderful workers against torture that they are, already have plenty of exposure.

Before making blind assumptions, you really should go to the source.
Cat seems like a good person, and she is from my home town, a place where diversity is cherished.
On the flipside, you could be right.
But find out from the source first.
I think it is more important that you raised the money and brought attention to your charity, not the recognition by blogathon.org

This is why I didn't donate to the Blogathon, but directly to MDA (with of course the appropriate comment line that Michele and Meryl drilled into our heads). I don't like (trust?) charity "clearing houses" (e.g. United Way) because their REPORTED administrative are usually higher than the charities they sponsor (Im sure they don't consider the transaction costs to the receiving charity nor it's admin costs in this figure.).

I do agree with Jay for the most part it is the funds you raised that's the important thing, BUT, Jay:

It's a bit hypocritical to side with a guy who does the blogathon for a charity that bears his own name!!

Whoops, that last post should have said:

"administrative COSTS are usually higher than THOSE OF the charities..."

I must say I find it fascinating that the charities that seem to get the press are exactly those (among others) which I refuse to support, based on their uncharitable politics. Meanwhile, Magen David Adom is ostracized by the Red Crossent even while they save Palestinian children from Palestinian murderers.

Without taking away from the good work that has been done by Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders, it is unfortunately mixed with collectivist ideals and more than a little naked hypocrisy. Both groups have directed criticism and lies against Americans while glossing over Palestinian and Iraqi crimes, and providing safe haven for murderers. Both criticize capital punishment in the US while covering for the genocidal maniacs who formerly ruled Iraq. They rarely have a bad word for totalitarian regimes that are non-Western.

There I go, getting wordy again. Sorry.

dumb question.;... how do you pay your pledge? i can't find any reference on the site to actually paying up. clearly, i'm blind. lead me.

Over $5,000 from only 5 sponsors....? that looks strange

Folks, please stop sending Cat nasty email.

Go read my post about it.