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imminent danger, stay vigilant, be alert, etc., etc., etc.

More Hijacks on the Way?

Huh? Did you say something? Sorry, I stopped paying attention.

Just tell me if I need to put away the yellow Chucks and take out the orange..


You know what I find incredibly ironic about that whole story? When I clicked the link to go there, I'm greeted by an advertisement, right next to the text, about traveling and flight prices. Huh. It's kind of that a Robin Williams bit he did in the Live on Broadway show... "we don't know when, we don't know how, but something bad is going to happen." Heh.

You know what I find amazing ? The fact that anyone would actually believe these guys would try the exact same thing in the exact same way - AGAIN. They tried it with 4 planes 2 years ago and within 2 hours, their plot was foiled on the 4th plane.

It's like breaking into someone's house and stealing a bunch of their stuff. First time you go in the front door, then when they've put all the locks and chains on the front door and have 2 fulltime guards there, where do you try next time ? Sure as hell won't be the front door, DUH!!!

While the police, FBI, TSA, whoever is busy doubling their efforts to keep terrorists off of airplanes, I wonder where they will try something instead....

Just think of how much money and effort has been spent in this country since 9/11 on "homeland security" - raising the alert level to orange, diverting law enforcement agencies from other tasks, and so on.

Maybe this is the "new terrorism" - just making sure the ultra-paranoid think yet another attack is coming, in that we will tie oursleves up protecting from further attacks that never come? And no terrorists actually get killed.

Come on folks, lets get on with life. Sure, there are nutters in the world. Guess what - there always has been nutters. Meanwhile, while The War Against Terrorism (TWAT?) continues, the economy here is going down the toilet, our elderly can't afford medical treatment and the medicine they need, states are cutting back on education and essential services.

But lets all chase the possible terrorist butterflies in the fields - at least it looks like we are trying to do something.

I was just thinking about what it would take to have a suit for every warning level...

There's no point in even buying a green one. Maybe your grandchildren will be able to wear ST. Paddy's day colors. But by then we'll have different warning system no doubt. Unless they actually label the levels after skittles flavors, I just can't see this system having that Smokey the Bear staying power, you know?