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bad sponsor ideas

Seen on my way to work today, on the Nassau Coliseum billboard:

Pop Tarts presents American Idol Live!


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Someone didn't think before putting up that sign!

Would that be Brittany Spears or Brown Sugar and Cinnamon?

That made me laugh out loud! Thanks.

I saw a billboard near my house for PORK: the other white meat... it said "Time Flies" with the little pork roast picture and their "other white meat" slogan.

I don't know if I'm the only one, but for some reason, it made me think that a different message one could take from that was that Pork has lots of stuff in it that can be bad for your health, hence making your time here on earth fly faster than it might if you didn't eat pork.

I dunno. I got a laugh out of it.

Pop tarts promoting future Pop Tarts... too funny.

It was only a matter of time, doncha think?

Reminds me of a billboard I once saw while driving through Louisville - "Tattoos Done While U Wait" -
As if there was another way of doing it . . .

too funny! I love it.

It was worse sitting through it. MOMMY MAKE IT STOP!

HA! Excellent!

Yahoo has a page on medical information about anorexia nervosa. Some time back, these two popup ads appeared on the page (before being yanked unceremoniously):

“LOSE 10 lbs by May 28th”

“BURN FAT: Here’s how”

That billboard seems downright redundant.


I saw an ad for KOOL cigarettes once. Only once, I never saw it again, because someone at KOOL apparently saw the little joke.

The ad said NU LOOK, and I just happened to see a reflection on a glass, and even though some of the letters were backwards, it said UN KOOL. And I looked at the ad again, and sure enough, when you read from right to left, it says UN KOOL. Apparently that Ad Man was anit-smoking :)

anti not anit

Maybe he was trying to insert some kind og subliminal message that accidently was percievable.