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S.W.A.T: making the moonbats even more batty

[Warning: Someone posted a really nasty picture at the Indymedia link below. Be careful as you scroll down that page.]

[via analog kid] Seems the upcoming movie S.W.A.T. is not sitting so well with the left-coast moonbats.

Do you remember the tv show S.W.A.T.? It was a favorite of ours, and we spent many a night running around the neighborhood, pretending to be S.W.A.T team members, lurking around corners with our "guns" at the ready. How cool were these guys, dressed in black and armed to the teeth? It was revved up violence at its finest and the show was blasted by concerned adults everywhere who thought the violence was over the top. Of course it was. That's what made the show so great. That and the theme song.

Now, in this age of everything-retro and reliving the 70's and 80's the S.W.A.T movie comes along. Looks to be good fun, great nostalgia moment.

Not so for the oh-so-sensitive folks over in the far corners of the left. They want to take subversive action to deface the movie posters for S.W.A.T. Their delicate sensibilities have been hurt, their feelings have been injured and their blood pressure has been raised by a poster for a movie. By a piece of fiction.

I definitely think that the movie-going public will need to be informed that movies glorifying the militarization of law enforcement are not entertainment.

Sure they are. Then again, we're talking about a group of people here who hate cops and would take pleasure in seeing a poster for a movie called Kill All The Pigs.

Case in point:

Some of the billboards are at ground level. So, how about, on white paper, big black letters on a white background, saying, "For free tickets, dial 1-800 kilpigs...or something like that.

I see. So a poster depicting a fictional account of a fictional police team doing fictional things is horrifying and a blight on society, but glorifying the murder of police officers is ok.

Now, scroll down that page to see the modifications made to the original S.W.A.T. poster.

Ah, Samuel L. Jackson is a sellout. I mean, he's black and he's making money in Hollywood. How dare he!

Then there's the one glorifying cop-killing. Lest you think that one is too sublte, check out the name of the jpg.

And what would be a loony left action without calling for the death of Bush and Cheney? I just wouldn't have felt complete if this call to action against a movie poster didn't somehow invoke the war criminal mantra.

Perhaps I would be more inclined to listen to the opinions and views of these people if they didn't engage in double standards on a constant basis. They claim to be about racial equality, yet they piss and moan about Jackson making this movie. I don't remember any cries about violence when he made Pulp Fiction. I guess playing a hitman is ok, but playing a police officer is a no-no.

They claim to be about peaceful solutions to problems, but here they are using the tired phrase "kill pigs" to make their point. Remember, kids, police using force - bad. Using force against police - good. That will be on your Moonbats 101 test tomorrow.

I'm tired of their narrow thinking, that the world should submit to their idols or face the consequences. They will burn down your house, set your cars on fire, splatter your store with paint, break windows, destroy public property, physicallly attack those who oppose them (see, PETA), all in the name of their cause. They will hold up signs telling you to kill cops, kill the president, destroy your neighbor's SUV, yet they say they are about peace. Peace on whose terms? Peace according to whom?

These idiots think living in an anarchist world without cops or leaders would be a utopian dream. This is a testament to the fact that they never think things through. They see the here and now and what they want, what they think is right. They are the most selfish lot of people I have ever been witness to.

When are they going to get it? Will there ever come a time when one of them will take a step back and see what they have become? In their attempts to make the world this vanilla flavored drink, they have poisoned the waters.

They are ruining society. They are wringing the joy out of every act of living.

I think I'll round up the neighborhood kids for a good game of S.W.A.T. tonight. Bring back the joy of rounding up the bad guys, of making fake machine gun sounds, of acting out a slow, agonizing death while you writhe around on the ground and your friends get a good laugh.

It's time to take back childhood from the moonbats, before they make everything other than breathing politically incorrect.


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I wonder what their feelings would be on "Buffalo Soldiers," which portrays US soldiers in a negative light?

Oh, wait, nevermind. Answered my own question there.

It sounds like these kids were psychologically scarred by the experience of always being the "hostages" when the other kids in the neighborhood played cops and robbers (or SWAT and robbers, as the case may be).

I'm torn on this one. I'm not sure what to make of the indymedia take on this. Very odd. I suppose the police are the implementers of the oppression they believe is present, so it makes some sense.

Fact is, though, and I'm sorry if you are tight with some cops, but the majority of them are not too bright, and do fit the Jim Morrison stereotype that they can't get it up without a gun. I've been around and seen enough to know that a worthwhile police officer is the exception and NOT the rule. The absolute best policy if you are ever arrested is Name and SSN and that is IT until you have a lawyer.

Now I imagine Michele will have a different perspective on this, and I will freely admit that the bigger the city, the more likely you are to have cops that know what they are doing. The best ones I've ever dealt with were in the city of Rochester, NY, and one recently transferred from NYC to a barracks here in central NY.

They are a necessary evil. And you will likely regret the day when you actually need one to do something useful, ESPECIALLY in a small town.

My wife always thought I was paranoid, that my distrust of authority, especially the police was not merited. And then our neighbor shot our cat out a window in the suburbs of North Syracuse. And the cops did nothing. Well except come and harass her when she called him "cat-killer" one day.

So I agree that the moonbats feelings on this are out there. But I will never place blind faith in any police agency. To do so is naive and foolish.

eh, i wouldn't be surprised if it was all some big ploy for free publicity for the movie...

Get the game Rogue Spear and play it - it is just like being on a SWAT Team - very cool, lots of fun and definately challenging.

Did I mention it is fun?

Isn't it ironic that its the the left that is becoming more Stalinist than the Satlinists? There are none so blind as those who will not see!

Just like there are less than bright attorneys, cashiers, waitresses, social workers, gas station attendants, etc.., there are less than bright police officers. So what. At least they are there for you when a REAL emergency occurs. Just because they couldnt do anything about your cat, doesnt make them bad guys. Get a grip. Hire yourself a lawyer and sue your neighbnor if you wish to do something about the cat situation.
Cops guys risk their lives on a daily basis for your safety. To cast them in a light such as you have is just plain foilish and yes, paranoid.

Wrong!!! The freakin' part time police that "serve" Cicero, NY aren't risking anything. It's a cushy little, ride around and take reports job. The next "crime" in Cicero, NY that is "solved" will be the first.

And it isn't about my damn cat. I have a 3 yo daughter that plays in my backyard that is open to the window that my jerk neighbor used to shoot my cat. Can I say you would be OK living next door to someone who willy nilly shoots a gun out their window that is 30 feet from your backyard ?

Yes there are less than bright lawyers, etc. But in the case of the police, especially anywhere that isn't a "city" those are the rule, not the exception. Your blind faith in the boys in blue that "risk their lives" is naive. I am not paranoid, I have seen it in action on numerous occasions.

Do you have more than a single example for your "all cops are stupid" mantra, Sherard, or are you leaping to conclusions for the exercise?

The police are often less than helpful. I was robbed and they did nothing. No investigation. Nothing.

On the other hand, if some one is standing at my door cursing at me I will call 911 in a heartbeat. There is no one else to call!

So are you saying that Cicero is free from crime or a crime riddled town? From what you say, I would not go anywhere near it as, basically, the cops just drive around taking reports all day in their cushy jobs. I think you are stereotyping just a bit.
Personally, I dont have a blind faith in cops. I do however, respect what they do. To bunch them all together with a generalized statement such as the one you made is uncalled for.
As for the neighbor and the cat, shoot back.

Oh, I have plenty of examples, thanks. How about a friend of my wife's...

She was being stalked by an ex-BF. SERIOUSLY stalked. Now, don't get me started on how stalkers get away with their little game every day while the police generally shrug their shoulders and say, "What can we do". Anyhow, this guy is so warped he starts poisoning her animals. After 2 dogs turn up dead, she really gets nervous. One night the stalker is out in the woods behind the house. They call the cops, who, of course, do nothing. Oh, except bust her for the half joint in her ashtray. Which wound up losing her job for her.

Let's see. I remember a good one from a while back. When I was 17, my friend and I broke down a couple of towns over from mine. We had some squirt guns with us and were spraying down the engine, to cool it off, as it was overheating. The cops came. To help us ? Certainly not! To investigate the possible youths with guns in the town center. Take down our information and leave. Jeez, thanks guys.

All you have to do is think a little about it and you will come up with plenty. There are exceptions to the rule, nothing more.

Now, let's not try simplifying things, ok ? Cicero is a suburb. No, it is not crime ridden. But there is some form of "crime" going on all the time - for instance someone shooting guns out their open windows. And since then I've heard from at least 3 sources of similar incidents that the local police have done nothing other than take down a report, including the local reporter for the Syracuse newspaper.

Will I still call 911 ? Sure. And will I think maybe THIS time they'll actually do some good ? Maybe, but I won't hold my breath waiting.

Val: Wow, why did I waste my time reading your stuff? Shoot back?!?! Now there's a constructive response.

I didnt mean shoot back literally. But, if as you say, the cops won't do anything about your crummy neighbor, there has to be something else you can do.

I can only speak for what I would do. He shoots his gun out the window and into my yard? Well, then, I would raise the fence. He keeps doing it? Then I would video tape him, catch him with his hands in the cookie jar. I really didnt mean to say to go out and buy a Glok with a 15 round clip.

BTW, If I ever had to call the cops, the first thing I would do is hide my reefer. Cause, you know, they're cops, and pot is illegal.

Hey now, don't go blackening the name of anarchy just because these children think they know what it is. In an anarchy the IndyMedia crowd would find themselves the first up against the wall.

"He keeps doing it? Then I would video tape him, catch him with his hands in the cookie jar"

Wow, talk about quick on the draw with the camcorder.

But don't you think that a cop who can ignore a cat with a bullet in it would also ignore videotape?

Hell - I was just annoyed that there was going to be another mindless piece of overly-violent action movie this summer.

Floyd, umm, I was referring to a hidden camera type deal. They have cameras now triggered by motion sensors and are quite inexpensive. I belive the cop ignored the bullet in the cat because basically it could have been anyone else with a feline aversion. But, to actually witness the guy shooting via videotape is altogether a different story.

Generalizations are always dangerous, but people I've known who had issues with the police often ran into trouble because they displayed a rude or obstinate attitude. My experience with the police here in Atlanta has been pretty positive.

A neighbor across the street saw our house was being burglarized and called the police, and they were there in minutes and in fact caught the thief. If they hadn't, it is likely that my wife would have come home while he was still in the house...a thought that still makes me shudder. Our elderly neighbor next door is growing senile and has called the police on numerous occasions about imaginary break-ins, and they show up every time even though they know she's batty. They have knocked on our door to ask us questions about her, and they have always been very friendly and helpful.

The police have a difficult, dangerous job to do, one that few of us would choose. I simply cannot understand the rationale of those who oppose them. Do they really think society would be better off without a police force? I think it probably has more to do with their hatred of the laws that the cops are sworn to enforce.

"I belive the cop ignored the bullet in the cat because basically it could have been anyone else with a feline aversion."

If a jury wanted to acquit Sherard's neighbor on that basis, fine. But for a cop to say "Uh, sorry lady, coulda been Martians, gotta go back to the donut shop" -- that's BS. And if you take your hypothetical videotape, which probably has a grainy, low-res image of someone pointing something that may or may not be a gun, that cop will blow you off just as easily. (That's assuming the neighbor doesn't just hide outside the camera's line of sight while shooting.)

Cops don't "have to" investigate anything. They're government employees who aren't going to lose their jobs for poor performance. A few years ago some people at a Puerto Rican festival in New York were groping women, and the cops just watched. Hell, the Green River serial killer was fingered by a pimp and the cops did squat about it.

Curt, I hope it's clear that I'm not opposed to the enforcement of laws. I have had to call police twice, for minor matters. On one occasion they were helpful; on the other not so helpful, but they did not much worse than I would expect. I don't like a system where people are forced to pay for services and have no real recourse if that service sucks.

Yeah, they're the same bunch who were rioting in the streets of downtown Montreal, smashing windows and cars to prove their point that the WTO is evil.

In the USA the police ARE the good guys. Sometimes good guys go bad but by far the perception of their lack of worth comes from those who themselves are worthless. A cop can smell a loser from five blocks away and I know when someone is pissing on my boots and trying to tell me it's raining. Those of you who have problems with the cops need to grow up.

In any event I wouldn't trade our justice system for anyone else's and here's a case in point compliments of the boys and girls at Samizdata.

"...the movie-going public will need to be informed that movies glorifying the militarization of law enforcement are not entertainment."

Indeed. Can't have the Proles thinking for themselves and deciding what is or is not entertainment, can we? False consciousness and all that - they must be Led from Above, by the Commisars. Otherwise, well, they could end up believing and feeling the wrong things, and where would the Revolution be then?

Floyd, Im sorry you are so discontent with law enforcement. Perhaps instead of griping and accusing them of being substandard, you can pose some kind of solution.

The NY cops who ran into the the WTC on 9-11 weren't writing reports.

Imperial Falconer

They call the cops, who, of course, do nothing. Oh, except bust her for the half joint in her ashtray.

What kind of dippy bitch invites police into a house when she's got drugs lying around? Is there the slightest chance that the police considered your stoner friend to be a less-than-useful witness?

I can see her on the witness stand -- "Well, your honor, I had just taken a hit off the bong when I thought I saw my ex-boyfriend in the woods behind my house..."

it was overheating. The cops came. To help us ? Certainly not!

Call a tow truck next time, fool. The police are not AAA. I like to think that if I need the police for help with a real emergency -- house being robbed, violent crime in progess, etc -- they aren't off screwing around helping a couple of teenagers fix their 20 year old car.

The police are not paid to be your mommy.

If neo-Marxist, the decriers of violence generally do esteem and practice violence: I figured that out long ago, as a teen in the Sixties, others have known it longer. Heck, think PETA\ELF\FOE connections, not even the neo-Marxist excuse.

As to cops, I still give them about 85 of 100 - maybe more. This after one twerp bawled me out for letting a friend of my sister's leave the scene when I hit a tree. It was 18 degrees, motor was kaput so no heat, she had cut her foot on something under the dash, it was a country road with little traffic, and a good Samaritan offered to take her up the road to a restaurant for coffee/warmth/bandaging so I sent she and her brother ahead. I'd do it again. But I kept my mouth firmly closed, did not even mention that the cop had lost control of his vehicle and almost slammed into us to make an accordion... and no problems.

Do I think the cop was operating on all cylinders? Nope. But enough.

Sounds to me like the indymedia is so far removed from reality that they don't even know clues exist.....

Sherard, you need to move if it's that bad.

I have known a number of cops: city, county, state. I have also been pulled over by a number of cops (yeah, kind of a leadfoot sometimes). With rare exceptions, they have all been highly professional. There are obviously bad apples, and I know there is a "blue wall of silence" (or whatever they call it), but by and large if something big needs to be done, they will do it and let the bullshit from an ungrateful public roll off their backs.

>Floyd, Im sorry you are so discontent with law
>enforcement. Perhaps instead of griping and
>accusing them of being substandard, you can
>pose some kind of solution.

I want my local community out of the patrolling and crime investigation business, to be replaced by private companies that I hire, and fire, as I see fit.

The free market will weed out lazy cops (because customers won't hire policemen who do nothing) and brutal cops (because their employers won't want to be sued).