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dvorak does carrottop

Is anyone suprised that John Dvorak behaved like a complete tool at Gnomedex?

I paid $100 to come to Gnomedex. I paid that money to see people like Tim O'Reilly talk about emergent technology and such. I came to see Dan Gillmor talk about emergent journalism and Chris talk about RSS. I didn't come to have John C. Dvorak behave like Carrottop with powerpoint jokes and bag on a signficant part of the audience

Dvorak is probably the only person in his field who just doesn't get blogs.



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I got a photo with him after the con, he didn't realize it was me who walked out. Can we say photoshop conference?

Gah, can't spell. I mean contest.

Jeebus, is Dvorak still dismissing blogs? It's amazing that a man who has two separate columns in the SAME magazine could actually talk about self-absorption.

Dvorak seems to be one of those professional writers who enjoys nothing so much as rubbing the fact in the face of amateur writers and feeling superior about it. Which, really, is just dumb. You could just as easily call Dvorak a wannabe IT guy since he doesn't actually do anything (professionally) to do with tech.

Dvorak long ago lost touch with what is really happening, IT-wise.

The fact that he was invited to speak at all says much about the relevance, or lack thereof, of Gnomedex.

Was he at Debcon? Uh, no. Will he be at Defcon? Uh, no. Has he a clue, really? Uh, ... heh, what do you really think?

How many lines of code do you think he wrote today, or last week, and in what language? heh.

I heard that I got dissed in that speech. Something about cats and makes and having to blog and being self-indulgent. Whatever.

Well, the speech was at least a little funny, but I'll agree with everyone--totally not what I paid for, and I'm fully convinced that the guy doesn't know tech from his left foot. O'Reilly, Gillmor, Pirillo and Minar (Google) were all excellent, though, and I learned a lot. I think Gnomedex was very relevant, for that reason. Plus, I made a lot of new friends, got new clients, and have a lot more than a weekend's share of memories. What a blast.

well somebody has to be the computer world's resident jagoff since Guy Kawasaki retired....

You have to cut him a little slack. Even Bill Gates took, what, two years, to climb on board the internet bandwagon.

I personally thought it was quite funny that he spend so long talking about how irrelevant blogs are. Next person up was Dan Gillmor talking about how relevant they are. And he was a lot more coherent in his reasoning than Dvorak was!

Good grief! Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor anymore? He was hilarious, and if you don't realize his blog teasing was an act, then just go listen to him Audblog on Cheyenne's site. I couldn't believe how many people got all worked up over his schtick. Get a grip.