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my goals are lofty, indeed

This has been a very quiet commenting day. Usually on Mondays, I can't keep up with my comments? Is it me? I swear a took a shower and put deodorant on today. It's my breath, isn't it?

Well I noticed that I am slowly but surely making my way up the ladder of the Ecosystem. In fact, I am sneaking up on the creator of the system himself. Sure, I'm still a mortal human, but if just 121 people link me, I can surpass Charles and and become a higher being! I wonder if that comes with the power to smite my enemies? I mean, why would you want to claw your way to the top and become a higher being if it didn't come with certain perks?

Anyhow, where the hell are you people today? Sunning? Sleeping? Out buying me some Scope?


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Sorry but I'm laughing at the scope comment....

I had to go to the dentist (trauma!!) and I actually had to work -- for real -- because it's almost the end of the month and I have to be ready to close.

Really, really boring. But am I excused?

All fished out; burned to a crisp; tired as shit!

I think people are blogged out from the weekends events.

Perks! I just found out that's short for perquisite - thanks to Word of the Day from www.dictionary.com. My son gets perks from his job at Starbucks and Mom is happy to receive boxes of chai teabags at the end of the week!

Seriously, though, I think everyone is blogged out from the weekend. It'll "perk" up again!

By the way, you may be #12 but I am right there breathing down your neck at #724! Better not slip up!!

Here I am.

I've just been dumb today.


I'll pick you up some Scope when I go out to buy some dental floss.

That is, if I can make myself navigate the hell that is wal-mart....

Reminds me of a George Carlin routine:

Giving someone a bottle of Scope. What a terrible thing to do. I think of a borderline psychotic, only needs one more thing to push him over. Then he goes out to the mailbox...


Nine dead and they blame Marine training.

I'm working out in the field (figuratively speaking - I'm not really toting bales) for most of this week, so I won't get to come here quite as often.

I love Halloween too, btw, though a lot of the things I love about it went away with the end of childhood. I wouldn't say it's my favorite holiday, but there was something really cool about the chill in the air, getting to roam around the neighborhood seeing all sorts of odd and mysterious sights, and of course getting enough candy - from exotic to run-of-the-mill - to last me for a very long time.

How cool would it be to get a female into the Higher Being category? God as a woman, etc.

I could start a campaign to get every female blogger to link you to push you up, but that would be like cheating, eh? Or we could just call it affirmative action....