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every day is halloween

jacklights.gifIt's never too early to start thinking about Halloween. Even Neil Gaiman has his Halloween plans in motion. When asked by a representativ from a movie channel if he would host their Halloween special he said:

"As a responsible and serious-minded author," I asked myself, "what kind of message would you be sending to the world by appearing as a cheesy horror host at Hallowe'en and introducing scary movies?"

I said yes immediately. I hope I get to climb out of a coffin at some point. I've always wanted to climb out of a coffin.

Is it any wonder I love that guy?

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. What more could expect from someone who thinks all good things in life involve zombies? It's more than just the scary costumes and candy and creepy stories that abound on that day; it's the seasonas well. There is nothing like a cool, crisp autumn day, the trees blazing with color, the breeze blowing sweet chills on the back of your neck, and me with a closet full of hoodies that are just begging to be worn.

My mother is the Halloween decorator. This works for me, as she lives across the street from me so I can live vicariously through her decorations as I am the world's greatest procrastinator and if I decorated, the ghosts and goblins would go up around Thanksgiving. So I help my mother out every year; we usually start in August, coming up with various themes and ways to implement them (see, Kurt Cobain's ghost)

When I was in that headshop/trend-o-rama Utopia that I wrote about the other day, I came upon an idea when I was browsing the movie merchandise in the upstairs gallery. We had talked about this idea before, but never got off of our butts and actually used it.

Nightmare Before Christmas. It ranks up their in both of our favorite movies list. My kids love the movie. My two year old nephew loves the movie (as soon as he walks in my house he says "Jack! Put on Jack!).

Imagine - a whole yard devoted to NBC. You can't imagine the things they have available. I'll even force my kids to dress as characters for the movie. Yes, this is going to work. It will be especially sweet to do this year as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this great film.

Yep, it's July and I'm ready to get started on Halloween.


A secret:

I used to love Ministry.

I've given up hiding and started to fight.


Have you seen 28 Days Later yet? Fabulous independent British zombie film. :-)

My MIL is the only reason the wife and I didn't get married on Halloween (her favorite holiday as well).

Instead we got married on Nov. 1st. The Day of the Dead. Or to my MIL, All Souls Day.

A Nightmare yard would be great....

our weeding reception was a masquerade, and we were Jack and Sally--we built the gate to Halloweentown (the one that Jack rides the snowmobile through) We built the hill, and an 8 foot tall scarecrow Jack leered from our porch roof. In front of the hill, the GHalloweentown graveyard spread with Jack's --and Zero's grave--complete with a floating Zero above it.

We haven't gotten over it yet--I'm working out how to build the fountain....

Isn't it amazing how speeling goes out the window when one is enthused by a topic?

And how one ignores that oh-so-useful preview function?

Weeding is, of course, wedding9I'm wondering exactly which style of freudian slip THAT was) and I think that extra 'G' comes from being indecisive about writing 'graveyard' with a capital 'g' or not

Spelling mistakes in posts are the webs equivalent of excited babbling

Neil's a nice guy too! He autographed some books I handed him for a good friend. Has a very good taste in scotch as well.

Read the Kurt Cobain thing. That's just creepy!