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militant activists in montreal

Anti-WTO "activists" take to the streets of Montreal and...now don't be suprised here...vandalize public property.

[AN] organizer, Stefan Christoff, defended the violence against the stores, saying the Gap is a multinational corporation that runs sweatshops.

Fortunately for us (but not for her) this all happened with 60 feet of Bill's workplace. And man is she pissed. Watch her tear into them.


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Ah, you love it when my eyes get all flashy, eh? ;D

Oh -and that's within sixty feet of my home, actually. Yayyyyyy...

That reminds me of when we had the G8 in Kananaskis and all the protesters descended on downtown Calgary. I was really nervous because I lived right next to the Shell oil building. Most local businesses and corporations allowed their employees to treat that week like a casual Friday so that nobody would harrass them for working where they did. But all the downtown shops--the small ones that couldn't afford decent security--lost a lot of business that week because nobody wanted to be downtown. Everybody wanted to stay away from the protesters. Fortunately, everybody was mostly well-behaved, except for a handful of folks who spray painted private property, got duly arrested, and then bitched up a storm about their rights being trampled on.

Dumbasses. What an offense to people like us who actually believe in political & economic discourse (and, for that matter, actually understand a bit of how the world works).