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great moments in yankee history. sort of.

Who says Yankee fans don't have a sense of humor? I found this so funny I actually snorted while laughing.

June 6, 1990: Six months after the death of Billy Martin, Steinbrenner orders the body dug up and hires him as manager for the sixth time. There is no apparent difference between the dead Martin and the manager he replaces, Stump Merrill.

Feb. 18, 1999: The Yankees acquire five-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens. Boston responds by changing the greeting on the club's phone lines from "Home of the 1918 World Series champions" to "Yankees Suck!"



Comparing Billy Martin's corpse to Stump Merrill does a grave injustice to Billy Martin's corpse - and corpses everywhere.

Stump Merrill is remembered more for ordering Don Mattingly to get a haircut than anything else he did for the Yankees.


As a White Sox fan, I found it even funnier!

i'd be real surprised if the sox message DOESN"T say "yankees suck.

Jim Caple once said "Baseball without the Yankees would be like Casablance without the Nazis."

That guy's hilarious.