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the best stuff wasn't even mine

Looks like I'll be heading to bed early - I know you can't really catch up on your sleep, but I'm sure as hell going to try.

If you don't feel like scrolling through all of the Blogathon posts, here's a list of some of the highlights:

Acme Challenge
So the Other One Says...

Guest Post: Roger Simon
Guest Post: Ben Weasel
Guest Post: It's the 80's in Iraq
Guest Post: Bill Quick
Guest Post: Jeff Jarvis
Guest Post: Kevin Parrott
Guest Post: Alan E. Brain
Guest Post: Warren Ellis

Yep, almost all the highlights are guest posts. Good stuff, and thanks to all those who obliged my request.

I am officially retiring my Blogathon jersey. May it hang in the rafters of the Blogosphere forever, never be taken down and put into use again.

I certainly am too old for this shit.


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I hope you reconsider by this time next year but if not you put in great service for a good cause.
It might be my imagination but this year seemed harder on you and Meryl than last year did?
Great job though.

Does that mean instead of blogging directly you'll be plugging me and whatever other suicidally insane bloggers that blog for M.D.A.? ;)

I still think Dean Esmay should've deconstructed the Warren Ellis post ;-)

How many guest posts did you have, you weenie?

I was too busy to do more than glance at any other blogs.

Damn, skippy. I had TWO.

No, wait. Three.

I'm still tired. I can't even count to three today.

Okay, yes, I'm tired. But tell me this: Your "xxxxxx Visitors since blahblah" line DOES fade out from time to time, doesn't it?

'Cause if not, I'm tired AND going blind.