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the road map to hell is paved with good intentions

Israel's government approved a proposal by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Sunday to free 100 Islamic militants, a step intended to boost a U.S.-backed peace plan and help the Palestinian premier, political sources said.

U.S. backed peace plan? Sorry, but I don't see the ensuing peace coming from reaching 100 "militants" who will most likely end up killing again.

There will be blood on the tracks of this plan.


Well, they have to release 100 Islamic militants because 100 Islamic pacifists are ridiculously hard to come by.

One hopes he meant to release them from the tyranny of haemostasis.

This really pisses me off...State's neer-do-well fingerprints are all over this.

Minor factual point: while it's entirely possible that any or all of these one hundred may kill in the future, it is logically impossible for them to "kill again," since none who are being released are known to have killed. That was a key point in the selection of these one hundred.

But regarding the blood on the tracks: are you saying you hear an idiot wind blowing?

Then there's the question of whether these men are even militants; many of the people Israel has rounded up and tortured over the years have merely been political activists - sort of like rounding up members of Sinn Fein in Ireland because the party has an affiliation with the IRA. Israel, like Britain, hasn't been too spectacularly successful in distinguishing between protestors and bomb makers.

Sometimes I just want to seal off Israel and Palestine, letting them do whatever for 50 years, and come back later to see what happened. But then I remember that's unfair to the citizens of both countries, most of whom simply want to live in peace ina free country, a task made more and more difficult by two spectacularly pig-headed governments.