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you still here?

Still sort of groggy and out of it. I notice how I completely lost my mind in the waning hours of the Blogathon. We'll talk more about that - and other 'thon related stuff - later.

Between Laurence, Meryl and myself, we raised almost $15,000 for Magen David Adom (that's including $5400 in donations made directly to the MDA for the Blogathon). As of right now, I have 99 sponsors, so feel free to make yourself the special 100th sponsor. You can donate unitl Monday morning, did I mention that? In fact, you can donate after the Blogathon is over, by giving directly to MDA in our name.

Before I pass out once again, I would like to thank all of these people for their incredible, selfless generosity. Together, we have done a wonderful thing and I thank you all for being a part of it. Please, click on the link, look at that list and then go visit those people (at least the ones who have links, I don't mean go visit them at home, because that's stalking and I found out the hard stalking is illegal - go figure!) and tell them they are wonderful.

I think I'm still a bit punch drunk.

[You can find the entire collection of Blogathon posts here and some more thank yous over here.]

I think my two favorite posts of the evening were the Acme challenge and this one, where I clearly had lost the battle with sanity.

Actually, the posts at the beginning, when the theme was in full swing, wern't so bad. But those two gave me the giggles to write.


Well done on the blogathon, Michele.