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70 posts
24 hours
Over $14,000
3 pots of coffee
two packs of cigarettes

One more hour to go.

My vision is blurred.

Did you have fun? I did.


I think a lot of us always have fun here. During Blogathon, though, we have fun every half hour or more.

You did a great job, Michele! Rock on!

You did a great job. Sorry but I lost it around 2 am. I had been up since 5:30. $14,000? That is so awesome!!

I saw your link at PhotoJunkie and thought I would drop by. You raised $14,000? Good Lord, that is absolutely amazing, how did you do it? I loved how you've listed the Blogathon stats - coffee, music and smokes - ahhhhh!

I didn't sign up this year but I have spent the better part of the night visiting my blogathon buddies, keeping them company through out the night. Congratulations!

Congratulations, M.

We knew you could do it.


Yay Michele!

Congatulations on raising all that money and thanks for some awesome blogging.

One more hour to go.

And one more insult to the French?

Fabulous job! Curious what your meter hits were for the past 24 hrs.

Have a great sleep today.

you are an amazing woman michele, thank you.

Wow... WTG!!!!

You rock babe, nice one!