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weird words

George Junior says his favorite weird word is:


The eighth power of a number.

This word is long obsolete, so much so that the Oxford English Dictionary only has one citation for it, from a famous work by the Welsh-born mathematician Robert Recorde, The Whetstone of Wit, published in 1557. It turns up from time to time as one of those weird words which is best known for being held up as an example of a weird word.

Go here to find one.


I think I'll try to fit that into a sentence today! Fun!

the word for mammal in russian is "mlekopitayushi," but my favorite word in english is indefatigible. neither of which is particularly rare. i dig the word "gaol" tho, too. which is only rare in american.

Wow. That killed a lot of time real quick. Started clicking on weird words, landed at Weisstein's Mathworld, and pretty quick a half hour of my life is gone. But then any time spent at Weisstein's is time well spent.

I love it, It's cool