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It's getting towards that time. Almost there.

I'd like to thank everyone that sponsored or donated. Your generous donations amounted to over $14,000 raised for Magen David Adom, between the three of us. I am truly, truly thankful for your efforts.

Thank you to everyone who hung around and gave me ideas, sent me links and kept me awake. I'll name names tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone in the chat room - Meryl, Lair, Windy, Kevin, Chris, Kate, Matt, Adam, Dean - it made the night much more tolerable and the last few hours specifically quite enjoyable.

To all my guest posters, you have upped the readbility of this Blogathon effort ten fold. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and read and/or commented or sent encouraging emails.

This is starting to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech. If I had a brother, I'd kiss him.

Same time, next year. Same bat channel.


hey michele, what charity did you blog for last year? you did this last year right? or am I nuts? i was thinking about how i stayed up last year with the bloggers and damn if i can't remember who half of them were.

ding, ding, ding I remember! It was the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

That's right... thanks Robyn :)

Michele: Kudos to you & the rest of the gang - you've done a Very Good Thing.

Also: you can PRETEND that I'm your brother...(heh).