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oh yea

Another crappy concert: Primus

Man, that crowd sucked. I had to fight for my life that night.

But Buckethead as opening act was good.

We left three songs into Primus's set.


I guess I've been lucky, even concerts that I thought would be lame turned out to be pretty good, maybe not because of the band, but a good experience just the same.

I guess I got old two years ago. I quit going to shows when I realised that I didn't like getting beer spilled on me.

Last club show was Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

Although I did make an exception for Rush's last tour.

I saw Primus as the opening act of a U2 concert in 1992 at Yankee Stadium. It was like getting my teeth drilled. I mean, I like metal up to a point -- I start losing interest when you pass from GnR or AC/DC or Nirvana or Pearl Jam into Metallica-land -- but these guys were just completely tuneless.

Anyone that wears a KFC bucket and uses nun-chucks(sic) is ok in my book. Just don't stand outside my window. I like Primus, but they are an acquired taste for sure...