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second wind coming

I just remembered this: When watching an Islanders game on tv back in the 80's, Eddie Westfall was doing a promo for a concert coming up at the Coliseum.

Reo Speedway.


Well it really doesn't matter what I post now, as most of you are sleeping.

I'm talking to myself, aren't I?


Nobody here but us chickens...

I'm here and awake. Delusional and bitter, but awake.

We're here, but at this point, we'll understand if your posts are a bit loopy.

I'm here wheezing and coughing, but I'm here.

We are all talking to ourselves.

Ah but by the Miracle of the Internet, some of us are in different timezones. It's 1845 here in Canberra, ACT, and people at this end of the planet are hanging on your every word.

Talking to ourselves and listening only to the voices in our heads. Oh yeah, that was deep. Go me.

I think the voices in my head are talking to the voices in other peole's heads....

I'm here - I've stayed up to help my wife stay awake for her shift (1:30am to 4:30am EST) on the blogathon.newmommie.com collective effort.

I just have one question: how the hell did you get a copy of my Grade 1 class picture? Or is it just that everyone looked equally goofy toward the end of the 60s? :)

Talking to yourself?

But....but...I thought you were talking to...ME...


And I saw REO Speedway. Back in the 80's somewhere....

In Iowa...somewhere....

Who brought the chips and dip?

I'm still here, but maybe not for long. You can do it! Not much longer to go...

At least you don't have to go play piano at church afterward like Julie does.

Please do not make fun of the most holy Mr. Westfall. Not nice at all. Pisses me off that they never retired his number.

Isn't it REO SpeedWAGON?

yes josh.

that's the whole point of the story.