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What was it with the disaster films in the 70's?

Towering Inferno
The Swarm
Poseidon Adventure
Earthquake (In Sensaround!)
The Hindenburg
Airport and all of it's sequels

Just asking.


Remember "Meteor" with Sean Connery and Natalie Wood?

Kinda reminds me of the meteor craze of the 90's

Deep Impact
and one TV movie I can't remember...

and while not really a disaster movie, "The Final Countdown". Came out in 1980. Loved that movie!

one I think you missed from the 70's was The andromeda Strain. Maybe I am wrong.

I remember watching the Towering Inferno in that sensaround thing -- radio simulcast, and we had on every radio in the house and drove the babysitter insane.

I was gonna say, we had another rash of those more recently. The asteroid/comet strike ones, plus things like Tornado and Volcano, both of which are fun to watch even if they aren't the best movies ever made.

I wonder if it's cyclical. More sunspots? Let's make disaster movies!

Actually went to see "Earthquake" with the family, and my mom was in the bathroom when the SenSurround (sp?) went off. Scared the...well, you get the idea. (Of course, we lived in Fresno, CA, so it could have been a real earthquake for all she knew.) Of course, the entire theatre burst out in cheers when, just before the Sensurround started, one of the seismologists said "Fresno's been destroyed."

BTW, difference between "Andromeda Strain" and the others on the list is simple: "Andromeda Strain" was actually a good movie.

Wee, first ya got yer "Poseiden Adventure". Then you got 10,000 maniacs...er...other producers who say, "wow this shit makes money".

Oh, and Andromeda Strain really doesn't belong in the same category.

Two of the best were "Midway" and "Tora, Tora, Tora". The huge array of speakers installed in front of the screen and in the back of the theatre would produce subsonic sound levels that would be felt in your chest cavity! Universal Studios held the rights to this system and rented their equipment to the movie theatres, including special sound generators, amplifiers, speakers and interconnect cabling. I believe Cerwin Vega made special drivers for this application.